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Except us, No One will tell you These Short filmmaking tips

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Except us, No One will tell you These Short filmmaking tips

In this portion, we want to explain some lesser known short filmmaking Tips and Techniques. Short films are the real ways for exposing your talent to a filmmaker or to a financier, also it sometimes gets a chance to direct a 70 MM film. We think that, everyone who reads this article must have an idea about how to make a short film, but things that we are going here to explain  about the short film production ‘might be’ lesser known to you.

The first thing that we are reminds you about the legal rights of your work, especially the script.  For any sort of film, scripts are considered as its backbone and that is the reason why you must legally acquire the patent for your script before starts the shooting. The script writing software’s like Movie Magic Screenwriter and Final Draft has an inbuilt option for registering the film script to the writer’s Guild of America.

The Second thing is film censoring; you must have to censor your film, if you want to showcase it in the premier film festivals like Oscars, Sundance etc. In India, the leading film festivals like International film festival of India and the Pune international film festival accepts only the short films that are censored by the censor board of India.

Film Censoring In India


Never Cast your friends (Who are only friends, if they not actors) unless if you don’t want to go professional.    Monitoring the performance of artists is the main job of a filmmaker in the production set, if your actor is not capable to understand your instructions, then why it needed to cast them? We often heard the industry professional’s advice to the new filmmakers that – ‘cast your friends in your first film.’ That’s nonsense, we said it. If your friend didn’t want to be an actor, then, how your movie gets a professional look? If you have a positive belief on your directorial skills, one good thing that we want to say is- hire a professional theatre artist. It is hundred times better than your non-professional friend.  If a theatre artist expense is beyond the limit of your budget, then put an advertisement on the online. Certainly, you will receive good response; there considers the artists basis of audition.

Don’t use Different cameras: Saying an instance- In a film you use I phone camera, SLR camera and DSLR camera in one film, then, what will be the output effect of it? and how your film’s aspect ratio will look like in each frames? Certainly, it didn’t seem good looking, the aspect ratio of the video that shot in the SLR camera will be less as compare to the aspect ratio of video that shot on a DSLR. Here, what your film editors do is- they stretch the video that has a less aspect ratio, resulting of that activity, your video loses the quality.

Finally, the promotion of your film: How you plan to promote your film? Through- your Facebook profile, groups or through your twitter account? No, that’s not enough! At first, you need to create a Website, if you are not aware about the coding language-The CMS website platforms like WordPress, Joomla or blogger is best. Now, add your film details like plot, crew details, behind the scene images in the website. The second way of effective promotion is through social media, especially the Facebook. For just $8 USD, you can reach your post to 20,000 people; also you can consider the twitter promotion as well. Addition to this, don’t forget to make a press Kit, Trailer and one or two posters of your Film

Download Links: Sample Short Film Press Kit


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