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The Invaluable 3 Videos about Alfred Hitchcock’s Filmmaking Techniques

Alfred Hitchcock’s

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The Invaluable 3 Videos about Alfred Hitchcock’s Filmmaking Techniques

Who else Filmmaking Techniques is better than Alfred Hitchcock to learn about aesthetics and narrative style of Filmmaking? We hope as like us you are also deeply fond about the Filmmaking style of Alfred Hitchcock. Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock is an Avant-garde filmmaker, commonly known as “The Master of Suspense.”  More than a half Century, he worked in the film industry, he made variety of suspense and psychological thriller genres films such as Rear Window (1954), Strangers on a Train (1951), Psycho (1960), The Birds (1963) and more. Even death of Hitchcock can’t demolish his fame, his filmmaking styles like long continuous take (Used in Rope (1948)), Dolly Zoom (Used in Vertigo (1958)), Subjective Camera shots (Used in The 39 Steps (1939)) and Dutch angle shots (Used in Psycho (1960)) were some of the best aspirant techniques of him favorite by the Film aspirants. Almost every film schools in the world included at least a lesson about Hitchcock’s Filmmaking Style in their curriculum.

Hitchcock has strong Visual Mind. Once he said- After writing script, I visualize scenes in mind –how the shots look like. I never use script while I’m shooting. He also says “The Script and Concept Of a working Film should always closes to the heart of a Filmmaker, if so there is no need to revise the script again and again for a reference, i.e. in the same way an orchestra conductor needs not look at the score…” For Film lovers, there is also a website, namely giving-in-detail about Alfred Hitchcock filmmaking Styles, Tips and Techniques. Visit that website once to know more about his Style of Filmmaking than referred in the Wikipedia.

Here’s a three part-by-part Video essays made by Borgus Film, which is a voyages through many of his story telling and Filmmaking styles. This video is also a chance to closely watch the MacGuffin to training that he adopted for his artists in a way as the script deserves.

#1 How to Prepare Shots In Filmmaking?- By Alfred Hitchcock

#2 Factors that Consider To Prepare a Story for Film – By Alfred Hitchcock

#3 How To Make Suspense Scenes? Talking From Experience By Alfred Hitchcock

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