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Watch Now: 5 Surpassing Drone Filmmaking Tips

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Watch Now: 5 Surpassing Drone Filmmaking Tips

The drones are one of the favorite filmmaking tools of many indie-filmmakers; through drones you can easily make 3600 shots, crane shots, track shots and helicopter shots. It ensures a smooth video output and similarly the drones are cost efficient than the usual mode of filmmaking equipments.

But, there are many things you have to ask yourself before start using the Drones: that includes-At what height should I set drones? , What should be speed of drones? , How should I take Flyby shots and what the best speed rate of that time? , What will be the position of the focus subject? , How to set the frame and coordinating the movement of the subject?, How to achieve pan shots with Drones? , How to set the ramping speed of drones? , What kinds of locations are best to take the drone shots? How to hide the shadow of the drone while filming? and many more…


Take a look at the below shown beginner guide drone filmmaking tip video made by the ‘Story and Tellers,’ explaining you 5 best methods to produce high-end videos through drones. The video essay is about 5 amazing types of drone shots (the flyby, Reveal shot, Chase close-up shots, High pan shots and explorer shots) techniques and how to execute them in amazing ways. Big thanks to the creators- the ‘Story and Tellers’ for making this awesome video and allowing to watch freely.

5 Drone Filmmaking Tips | Watch |HD



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