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With a Camera and Tripod, You can create “Non-Shaky” Travelling Shots

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With a Camera and Tripod, You can create “Non-Shaky” Travelling Shots

How Often You suffered with the “Unstable” Videos? We Guess, it was happened you many times.  The ‘Unstable’ video movements are common in the films that made by the first time filmmakers. Creating‘Stable’ videos with Steadycam set up or Shoulder-rigs might not be possible in the films that you are moving with a shoestring budget, such a situation, you have to choose alternative  methods that helpful for creating the ‘Stable Video Moments.’

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Here’s a cool Filmmaking Tip video essay by Hieu Nguyen, showing how to create cool videos without extra-setup and only with the camera and Tripod. What he did is, he adjust the tripod attached camera’s head horizontally and took it on the shoulder  and then place one hand on “tripod leg” and the other on “pan handle.” By using this trick, you can create cool stable hand held shots as well as Pan shots without any extra setup.

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