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Lean these extraordinary filmmaking tips From David Lynch, says Bhushan


Lean these extraordinary filmmaking tips From David Lynch, says Bhushan

On these days, thousands of filmmaking articles are produced on the internet, that on blogs, websites and various video streaming websites.  Some of them are developed on the basis of case studies, but few other articles are ‘just’ written. Here, is the link to a Filmmaking article that we recently discovered in a blog administrated by Bhushan Mahadani, an Indie-filmmaker based India.

Undoubtedly, all the articles displayed in his filmmaking blog are nice to read, few among them are featured in leading filmmaking blogs like and

Mr, Bhushan has recently collects 10 filmmaking tips from David Lynch’s movies and that was a wonderful article.  He was extracted those ten filmmaking tips from the ten notable quotes that said by David Lynch.

“I let the actors work out their ideas before shooting, then tell them what attitudes I want. If a scene isn’t honest, it stands out like a sore thumb.” -David Lynch On Filmmaking.

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