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Do you want to be an Affiliate writer of Filmmakers Fans? Yes, you can; if you had a sparkling idea and you believe- that will delight our readers; we want to hear more about it.

You Must Be Like This

  • Creativity –This site is all about Films and we talk about the Aesthetics of films. We are seeking for writers who are deep passionate in films. If you can think creatively and you strongly believing that your presence can emphasise our readers, then come and join with us.
  • Honest- You must loyal to your Writing Profession. We won’t consider the writes that are Copy-Paste from web links or paperback sources. Hope, you havent had such an attitude
  • Can Do Attitude – It’s a challenge, we allow you to grow with us; if you are ready to take the risk factors of writing
  • Willingness – An attitude that we sincerely Expecting from Our Writers Team, rest all decision is yours
  • Grammar – For writing with Filmmakers fans platform, we are expecting the writers having  a stunning Grammatical Knowledge
  • Correction- The potentiality of your article will be finally reviewed by An Editor and you will get a feedback from Editorial team. If found any major correction indeed in your writings, they draft back you to you with the correction notes. You have the responsibility to fix that error in allowed time.

Why Write For Filmmakers Fans?

  • You will Became an Author, you can showcase it to the world
  • We would have paid for your writings before it became live
  • If you are verbally Good, We assign you are chance to interview with Film prominent persons

How to apply?

1. Forward your sample writings to (info@filmmakersfans.com &Filmmakersfans@gmail.com), with a subject line of “Contribute to Filmmakers Fans”. We analyze your article and give you a feedback within next 24 Hrs

2. Never enclose your profile photo or professional resume documents along with the mail data’s

3. Kindly avoid the embedded HTTP link of your published documents in the sample submission mail, instead, you can add send us in Microsoft Word, or Open Office formatted files or PDF format file

4. Please enclose a Simple Outline about your current Profession and How many articles you have written So Far

Thanks In Advance