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Explained: How to make money by making videos?

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Explained: How to make money by making videos?

A big question- I am a Filmmaker and how can I earn Money by making films? This is a frequent question of many ones who decided to be a filmmaker.  Many short filmmakers quit making of films after first attempt. Why so? We guess it is all because the short filmmaker didn’t get financer for funding his next film. We hope, there are many filmmakers around us who quit stops making films after their first attempt. A few days Ago, we Interviewed Mr. Abhinav Sunder Nayak (a short filmmaker and the founder of Nayak Cinema). We asked few similar questions to Abhinav, you can read this full interview here.

There were high volume of Internet searches are concerned to this query, lots of articles as well as video essays are producing on day to day. Most of them are meaningless and rare seems good for read or watch.

Recently, we’ve noticed a first class Video essay by Simon Cade of, explaining about the different ways that an amateur filmmaker to make money by making video. Few days before, his another filmmaking inspirational article was featured in filmmakers fans; you can again read it here.

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4 Different ways To Make Money for the ones who knows the ethics of Filmmaking

  1. Search companies that don’t have a Promotional Video – That’s a brainstorming Idea. So, what you all needed to do is- just find out the companies (preferably small scale) that don’t have a promotional video. Contact them and say ‘I can make a promotional Video at free of cost.” Probably, they never say “No” Do make more videos in this unpaid way. Then after you can create a Portfolio and undertake works that offering remuneration.
  2. Wedding Photography: Don’t simply contempt this field. Frankly, we sawed many amateur filmmakers hate wedding photography; they say there are no creative involvements in the wedding Photography. We’re not taking this as a platform for arguing about this, but think a second-someone offering you money for making videos and then why you say no for that?
  3. Making Money From You Tube Videos: If you have ability to create viral videos, then You Tube is best platform to earn money. We already discussed once about the YouTube video ads Profits and loss.
  4. From Pond5- Pond5 ( is a New York based online marketplace for buying and selling Videos, Music, Images, 3D works, After effects templates, & more. The contributors can sell their products through and if the product sold, the site share 50% of the product’s profit with the contributor. Great!



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