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Film Crew Position Titles List: Camera, Light & Sound Department

Film Crew Members


Film Crew Position Titles List: Camera, Light & Sound Department

Do you want to work in Film? But, in which position? This article is the part 2 of Film Crew- Titles- Salary- Duties and Responsibilities. In case you missed to read our part 1, please read that first and then continue reading this afterwards.

Film Crew Position Titles List: Camera, Light & Sound Department


Camera Department: Film Crew Names 

  1. Director of Photography (DOP)

Responsibilities- They work directly with the Director to decide the overall look of the film seen through the camera. They decide which lenses to use, lighting setup, framing, etc.

Salary- Depends on skills and experience.

  1. Camera Operator 

Responsibilities- The camera operator physically controls and operates the camera, the shot’s framing, and the camera movements as instructed by the DOP.

Salary- Depends on skills and experience and budget.

  1. Camera Assistant

Responsibilities- The camera assistant helps setup the camera and lenses. He is in charge of measuring and pulling focus during filming.

Salary- Rs. 20-30000


Light Department: Film Crew Names

  1. Gaffer

Responsibilities- Gaffer develops a lighting plan according to the desires of the DOP. The gaffer decides where and which lights are to be placed.

Salary- Depends on skills. Average Rs. 2 lakh

  1. Grip

Responsibilities- Grips’ responsibility is to “shape the light” which includes creating pattern and shadow effects, coloring light, diffusing or blocking light.

Salary- Depends on skills.

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Sound Department: Film Crew Names

We have already written a detailed article on all the personnel in the sound department. Check out that here 

Two of the key personnel are-

  1. Production Sound Mixer–

Responsibilities- He is responsible to record all the sounds in a film set or location. He decides which microphone to use and also the microphone positions.

Salary- Rs. 10-20000 per day.


  1. Sound Re-Recording Mixer–

Responsibilities- Mixing is the last stage in creating the final Soundtrack of a film. A Re-Recording Mixer combines all the components of sound and mixes them.

Salary- Rs. 30-40000 per day with studio charges.


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  1. Manish

    July 4, 2016 at 4:34 am

    Who’s behind the Movie crew? This article is almost good as like wiki article. But, many mainstream artists are missing from this link. Are you guys deliberately hiding such names for shrinking this article? I confessed.
    If you ask me to show a good film crew list example, then the director, Film producer and film production assistants names will comes first. But here, you guys either missed to write that portion or is it coming on Upcoming portions? Also, I am appreciating for mentioning clearly about the salary and the job responsibilities of Film crew members.
    I have a Doubt- is the crew in Film Production (main stream) and ad film production are same? Any changes in the job roles etc?

    • FMF Resources

      July 4, 2016 at 3:51 pm

      Manish, you know that the names Filmmaker, Cinematographer, Sound Designer, Film editor are the common Crew Names and that is the reason why we deliberately exclude such names from this list.

      • FMF Resources

        July 4, 2016 at 3:55 pm

        Yes, the crew names of Film production/ ad Film Production/ TV serial Production are almost same. Manish, can you specifically mention the crew position name so that we can clarify your doubt more easily.


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