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Cinematic Terms and Definitions: Part 5 (T-Z)


Cinematic Terms and Definitions: Part 5 (T-Z)

This one is the last part of Filmmaking terms technical Glossary. In the last 4 sections, we were discussed about Filmmaking Techniques Glossary, Basic Filmmaking terms glossary, Film direction technical terms and Movie Making Technical Terminology list. Check our previous sections (given below) and then read this final section of Cinematic Terms and Definitions.

  1. Filmmaking Techniques Glossary
  2. Basic-Filmmaking Terms Glossary
  3. Film-Direction Technical Terms
  4. Movie-Making Technical Terminology List

Cinematic-Terms and Definitions: Complete Terminology

  • Tilt shot A shot where the camera is tilted up or down on a diagonal along a vertical axis.
  • Tracking shot A shot where the camera, usually mounted on a dolly, smoothly moves alongside the subject.
  • Transitional Device It is a way of moving from one shot or scene to the next. Transitional effects include cut, fade, dissolve, and wipe.
  • Undercranking It is the process of slowing down the camera, by shooting at less than the standard 24 fps, so that the image, when normally projected, will appear in fast motion.
  • Underexposed It is a type of film shot that has less light than normal, causing a dimly-lit and unclear image.
  • White Balance It is the setting or ‘color-correcting’ a camera’s white balance which is the true color of white, since white doesn’t appear ‘white’ with all lighting conditions.
  • Wide-angle shot A shot where the range of view is much wider than normal shots. It exaggerates the distance, depth or disparity between foreground and background planes, thereby creating greater depth-of-field and keeping all objects in focus and in perspective.
  • Wipe– It is a transitional effect in which one shot appears to be “wiped off” the screen by another shot.
  • Zoom shot It is a type of single shot where distance between the camera and the subject being filmed is changed over time in one continuous movement.

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