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Film Direction Technical Terms and Definition | Part 3 (F-L)


Film Direction Technical Terms and Definition | Part 3 (F-L)

The painful truth about filmmaking is no one or no film school will teaches you everything about filmmaking. A good filmmaker must know A to Z of the Film Direction Technical terms, phrases and definitions. This article will help you to learn about Basic Filmmaking Terms.

You are now going to read below about the basic Film-making terms glossary part 3. In case you missed to read the first two parts, please read it here and here.

Film Direction Technical Terms and Definition- Part 3


  • Fade It is the gradual change in the intensity of an image or sound, such as from a normally-lit scene to darkness or vice versa, or from silence to sound or vice versa.
  • Fast Motion An effect created by filming a scene with the film running at a rate less than the normal 24 frames per second and then projecting it back at standard speed, thereby creating the effect of moving faster than normal.
  • Fish-eye Lens A type of super wide-angle lens that distorts the linear dimensions of the image, giving it a sense of curvature.
  • Focus It is the amount of sharpness of an image or a particular area of an image.
  • Foley– Foley Sounds are reproduced sound effects of everyday objects or movements synced with the visual of the film like footsteps, gunshots, punches, explosions, etc.
  • Following shot A shot in which the camera follows a moving subject onscreen.
  • Freeze-frame An effect in which a single frame image is identically repeated over several frames which gives the illusion of a still photograph in which the action has ceased.
  • Handheld shot A shot taken with a handheld camera which appears unstable and shaky.
  • High-angle shot A shot where the subject is filmed from above to make the subject appear weak and vulnerable.
  • Highlighting The use of beams of light to illuminate selected parts of the subject.
  • Insert shot a shot that occurs in the middle of a larger scene that draws audience attention and provides some specific information.
  • Intercut shots It is a series of shots that alternates between two simultaneous events. For example, shots of two people involved in a telephone conversation.
  • Iris A video effect where an expanding or diminishing circle, reveals or hides an image.
  • Jump Cut An abrupt cut in between a continuous shot, where the onscreen action is noticeably advanced in time. It is often done deliberately to create discontinuity.
  • Key Light The most prominent light source in the frame that has the highest intensity.
  • Location sound It is the ambient sound of the location of the scene which adds to the realism of the scene.
  • Locked-down shot A shot where the camera remains static while something happens off-screen. It is used to create suspense.
  • Long-shot A shot where the camera is placed at a considerable distance from the subject so that it appears relatively small in the frame.
  • Long take A shot of lengthy duration.
  • Looping It is the process of re-recording dialogues by actors in the studio during post-production, matching the actor’s voice to lip movements on screen. It is also known as ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement).
  • Low-angle shot A shot where the subject is filmed directly from below, to make the subject appear larger than life and more dominating.

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