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Indiewire, Videomaker and 7 other websites for Filmmakers and Students



Indiewire, Videomaker and 7 other websites for Filmmakers and Students listing the top best websites in the world that useful for filmmakers, cinematographers, sound designers, video editors and screenplay writers for learning.In the digital age, information is accessible to everyone through internet on every aspect of film and filmmaking. But, finding relevant and genuine information might be hard to find in this ocean of knowledge.

In this article we are listing 10 Best Websites and Blogs for filmmakers –

  1. IndieWire- ( )

indiewire Filmmaking website Check details

The indieWIRE was launched as a newsletter in 1996, providing news service for independent film. It was launched by filmmakers and writers Eugene Hernandez, Mark Rabinowitz, Cheri Barner, Roberto A. Quezada and Mark L. Feinsod.

IndieWire has since grown into a reliable source for film and television news, reviews, interviews, global festival coverage, etc. It is a must visit website for every independent filmmaker.

Website Rank: 5,290

  1. Videomaker ( )

Videomaker was founded as a print magazine in 1985 by Matt York. Matt was a filmmaking enthusiast and his search for a good video making magazine search left him empty handed and he decided to launch a magazine for video camera users called Videomaker . Through various financial struggles Videomaker has survived to become one of the most popular video making magazine.

In the website, you can find latest news and unbiased reviews, tips and techniques video, learn about various products and technologies.

Website Rank: 26,107

  1. FilmmakerIQ ( )


FilmmakerIQ was launched in 2008 by a group of filmmakers and enthusiasts to celebrate the digital revolution in filmmaking.

They provide how-to articles, tips, videos, videos about filmmaking, film theory and film history. The quality of their videos and articles has made them the most popular filmmaking website. Any film enthusiast will find something here.

Website Rank: 129,249

  1. Senses of Cinema ( )

Senses of Cinema was founded by filmmaker Bill Mousoulis in 1999 as an online film magazine. It contains article from renowned film critics including critical essays, career overviews of the works of great directors, and coverage of many international festivals. It also publishes interviews of film personalities.

Senses of Cinema maintain a database of career overview essays on “great directors.” giving a critical perspective on their works.

Website Rank: 296,288

  1. Film Comment ( )

Film Comment was founded by Joseph Blanco in 1962 as a print magazine in New York during the boom years of the New American Cinema.

Film Comment contains analysis of mainstream, art-house, and avant-garde filmmaking of world cinema.

Website Rank:  296,288

  1. Cinephilia & Beyond ( )

Cinephilia-Beyond fILMMAKING WEBSITE

This a great resource for everything related to Cinema. From screenplays, interviews, videos grouped around themes, films or directors, behind the scenes and rare photos, you can find everything here.

Website Rank: 1,423,977

  1. Cinema5D ( )

In Cinema5D you will find latest information about the latest advancements in camera and filmmaking technology as well as industry news, reviews and analysis of cinema cameras and video DSLR’s. It is a great resource for filmmakers.

Website Rank: 45,828

  1. Observations on Film Art ( )

This blog is an extension to a great book on Film, “Film Art by David Bordwell and Christin Thompson”. Both of them are celebrated film scholars and has an encyclopedic knowledge on films. This website contains their analysis on various aspects of film and filmmaking. This is a must visit website for every serious film student.

Website Rank:  523,418

  1. Taste of Cinema ( )

taste-of-cinema Filmmaking WEBSITE

Everyone affected with serious Cinephilia will always need someone to suggest them more and more films to watch. Taste of Cinema is that friend. They regularly publish lists of films based on theme, genre, filmmaker, country, technique and various other categories. Their focus on world cinema and their variety of categories make them the mecca for cinephiliacs.

Website Rank:  17,318

10. Filmmakers Fans

Of course, the  website run by us  has included as many tutorials and articles on Filmmaking, Sound Designing, Cinematography, Film editing, etc. Also, we are Including frequently about the latest updates of Film submission alerts to various film festivals across the globe.

Random Lists of other 26 Best Websites For Filmmakers

  1. Action-Cut-Print Action-Cut-Print
  2. AFI Podcast
  3. The American Society of Cinematographers
  4. Art of the Guillotine – Online Film Community
  5. AWN – Animation Film Tutorial Website
  6. B&H Photo, Video, and Pro Audio B&H Film Tutorial Blog
  7. BIGSTAR Movies  Online Movie Website
  8. ZapSplat Filmmaking Tutorial Blog
  9. Visual Effects Society Visual Effects Tutorial Website
  10. Wired Design FX
  11. Videvo
  12. The Treatment Elvis Mitchell’s Filmmaking Blog
  13. Tom Cruise’s Blog
  14. Stage 32
  15. Shanks FX
  16. Red Giant Red Giant filmmaking software blog
  17. Philip Bloom Philip Bloom Filmmaking Blog
  18. MovieMaker Magazine Movie Maker Magazine
  19. Noam Kroll Noam Kroll Filmmaking Blog
  20. Film School Rejects  Film school Rejects
  21. Go Into the Story  Got Into the story
  22. Independent Filmmaker Project Independent Filmmaker Project
  23. IndieTalk  Indie Talk
  24. New York Film academy Student Resources  New York Film academy Student Resources
  25. Raindance  Raindance
  26. John August Filmmaker Blog  John August Filmmaker Blog

Best Forums For Filmmakers




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  2. Anurag

    July 27, 2016 at 8:19 am

    Certainly, these are the best websites in the world for indie filmmakers. But what the fact is I wonder why you don’t add the name of no film school on this list of filmmaking websites link

    • FMF Resources

      July 28, 2016 at 4:09 pm

      No Film school is one of the great filmmaking websites in the world- and the site has a lots of subscribers than other Filmmaking websites. But due to the lack of in-depth content of that site, we deliberately avoid it.
      But, we will reconsider that statement again

  3. Bora

    August 6, 2018 at 11:17 am

    Hey, It’s a great list!

    I made a directory of hand picked resources and tools for aspiring filmmakers. It perfectly fits your list 🙂



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