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Tinsel your actors with Reflectors: Learn Here through the Tutorials

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Tinsel your actors with Reflectors: Learn Here through the Tutorials

This post is hopefully the best explanation for those who are unaware about the purpose and usage of the reflectors.  Share your opinions in the comment section shown below.

The Purpose Of a Reflector

The purpose of a reflector is to adjust the light’s fall to the actors face. If an actor’s left side has dark shadows and right side is shining, then the reflector has to put on the right side  so that the light (Source either from mast light or the natural sunlight) bounce to the  actor’s face and vanish the dark shadows.

Here is a Video Made By Vimeo film school, demonstrating the bouncing light technique  of a reflector. 

On the filming location, the reflectors usually fixed in the specially designed stands and in rare cases the assistant filmmakers/lighting directors hold the reflector board.

The reflectors are mainly categorized into two

  1. Lamp Reflector: It is a cup shaped lamp made of aluminum alloy. It is suitable for studio light and outdoor set up. It scattered light from the inner source lamp (flash tube, filament tube) and directing it towards the artist’s face. The Intensity of  the Light producing from the Lamp reflector is less, so the artist never feels it disgusted.
lamp reflector

Lamp reflector
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2. Common Reflector: This is one most using in every film sets. The common reflectors are principally available in two variants (i) rectangular reflector (ii) Spherical Reflector. It typically available in three colors (i) gold (ii) silver (iii) matte

a. Rectangular : Ideal For outdoor locations : Price Starts at $219.99

b. Spherical : Ideal For small Production sets, still Photography ,etc: Price starts at $50 USD

In addition to the reflector, the cinematographers use Bounce light technique. It scatters the light from the source (like ceilings, white walls) and re-directs it to the artist’s face. Tungsten Lights and the Fluorescent tubes are the two common bounce lights used by the cinematographers.


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