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This short Film Makes ‘The Master of Suspense’ Hitchcock as Villain

Filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock


This short Film Makes ‘The Master of Suspense’ Hitchcock as Villain

What if, your favorite Filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock turns to a villain in a Film? Exactly this video (Below) named Master of Suspense is showing Hitchcock as a Villain. The Video creator Fabrice Mathieu has manipulated the video in a realistic way; the theme of the video is about a man who is trying to escape from the scene after murdering a woman in a shower.

I Just Created this video using the extracts from the 30 Films made by Hitchcock. The special EFX were used to complete the narrative, Including wanted Poster and Newspaper Articles. The BGM extracts from Bernard Herrmann works”- said Fabrice Mathieu.

The Video is exactly a Powerful Instance for Creative Video Editing.



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