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This Filmmaker said about the 7 new things that he learnt in this year 2015

Caleb Pike's filmmaking advice in 2014 - read full story


This Filmmaker said about the 7 new things that he learnt in this year 2015

As a filmmaker, what were the new things that you learnt in this year? (Or) what were the some notable achievements of yours in this year on Filmmaking? As this year moves to the end, Mr. Caleb Pike, a CA based Filmmaker and founder of one of the best Filmmaking Blog DSLR Video Shooter has made a video essay, which is describing about 7 things that he learnt this year in Filmmaking.

These below are the 7 things that he learned in this year on Filmmaking

  1. Key things keep in mind while Producing a Film
  2. Releasing a Film for a commercial purpose
  3. Embracing usual obstacles in Filmmaking such as Budget, Technology, Time, and how to reduce downtime expenses in Filmmaking.
  4. How to keep Filmmaking motivation in mind throughout the project?
  5. What get me here and what get me there? (Filming location convenience)
  6. Who I am and what I do? ( I asked those questions to myself before started shooting on every day)
  7. What I really enjoy doing in Filmmaking?

——————–Here it ended about the 7 things Caleb Pike learned this year in Filmmaking. Now, what’s yours?

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sunitha.k

    June 14, 2016 at 3:45 pm

    You didnot give any replay my two message iam enquirevacncies screen writing. So, you replay at the esrliest.
    Thanking you. Yours, sincearly


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