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Video: 10 award winning iPhone shot short films


Video: 10 award winning iPhone shot short films

Iphones have greatly revolutionized our worlds by giving us different comforts that make our lives easier. Who would’ve thought that iphones could be used to make quality films that are at par with movies shot with conventional digital cameras. Let’s have a look at 10 award winning short films shot with an iphone-

Lists of Best Award winning Movies Shot On IPhone

  1. Tangerine– Tangerine, directed by Sean Baker, released in 2015 got nominated in 33 film festivals across the globe, and won over 19 of them, including best film, best supporting actress and best director. The movie maps two transgender women seeking revenge from a guy who cheated on his girlfriend, one of the girls, when she was in prison. This movie was made on a budget of $100,000 and garnered over $800,000.
  1. And uneasy lies the mind– Directed by Ricky Fosheim, this psychological thriller is the first feature film made completely on an iphone. It deals with the mindscape of a man who has everything. Things go awry when his old friends turn up at his mansion. This movie was nominated at SXSW awards and Iphone awards. It won the best film award at iphone awards. It was made on a budget of $10,000.
  1. Night Fishing– This 30- minute short fantasy film is directed by Chan Kyong Park and Chan Wook Park. Made in 2011 and shot entirely on iphone 4, this movie surrounds a fisherman who catches something unexpected and gets caught up in his fishing line. It won the best short film award at Berlin International film festival.
  1. Framed– This movie, shot on iphone 4S, took one day to shoot and one day to edit. Directed by MaelSevestre, this 3 and a half minute short film was uploaded by the director on vimeo. The movie was edited on AppleCut, and its budget was minimal.
  1. The editor– Written and directed by Chris Nong, this movie was shot on iphone 4. It has three films interspersed in one. Although left with many unanswered questions in the end, this movie is nonetheless worth watching, due to its amazing storyline.
  1. I play with the phrase each other- ‘I play with the phrase each other’ is a 2013, 1hr 50 mins comedy that revolves around just phone calls. Directed by Jay Alvarez, this movie was nominated in one category and won awards in two, at slamdance film festival. It also played in the raindance festival.
  1. Romance in NYC– Directed by Tristan Pope, ‘Romance in NYC’ is about a girlfriend and a boyfriend spending a day in New York, and it catches the little nuances that add to their romance. It was nominated in 5 film festivals, including Madrid International film festival, and won in iphone film festival.
  1. The other side– Directed by Conrad Mess, this Spanish venture was made on a budget of $27000 and a cast of 5 people. The 17-minute dark horror was shot in black and white with iphone 5.
  1. The painter of Jalouzi– Made by David Darg and Bryn Mooser in Haiti, this short film was shot on iphone 6s plus. It is the story of a man who wants to bring colors and hence transformation to the lives of people in Jalouzi, a slum in Haiti.
  1. Chasm– Directed by Alicia Hayes, this film is about a young woman, who loses what she values the most as a result of her lack of attention. This film won the second prize at iphone film festival, and official selection at Mobil film festival.

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