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Movie Magic Screenwriting writing software is known as the first script writing software that was developed by ScriptPerfection Enterprises, Inc in 1982.  Later in 2001, the ScriptPerfection Enterprises Inc sold the project Movie Magic screenwriter program to Write Brothers’ Inc. Movie Magic is accredited as the Official screenwriting software of the Writers Guild of America East, Project Greenlight, Cinema Seattle and Austin Film Festival. It is also a good thing that more than 45% of script writers and filmmakers are preferred to use Movie Magic Script Writing Software as their first option. Let’s move to the review section of this software.

Features- Listing- Movie Magic Screenwriting Software


NaviDoc (Navigation to Document) is an ultimate feature enabled in Movie Magic Screenwriter software that is purposed to create shortcuts such as bookmarking titles, page up-down options, scene navigation shortcuts and adding the referral notes.

Clutter-Free Home Screen

Obviously, this is one of the unique features of Movie Magic Screenwriter. On the left side of home screen NAVIDOC shortcut is placed and on the right side minor icons of Copy Files (C), add new files (N) etc. are placed. Therefore the workspace looks more spacious. In addition to this default view, you can also alter the screen style in View section.

Screen Sharing

The application has a direct integrated link with I partner. I partner is called as a screen sharing application where one user can share their gadget screen with another person through I partner application.  So this feature helps a screenwriter/director to showcase their work easily to someone and avoiding the hassles of downloading (or) sending files.



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Movie Magic Screenwriter is offering different text formats for scene heading, actions, character dialogues, parentheticals and shots. However, the default text format is Courier Regular 12, you can change that text format as you wish.  Similarly, another one feature of the Movie Magic screenwriter is Speak text, where this feature helps to read your story in an assigned integrated tone. You can save the file as a new template or else in PDF, Word Documents, rich text documents, HTML and avid Text Formats.  The application is also having 80 plus customized templates for screenwriting, TV plays and stage plays.


It charging $169.00 USD for one year licensing; you can buy this software directly from movie magic screenwriter official website. As like Celtx, movie magic is also offering separate pricing plans for professional and educational purchases. For knowing more about the discounts for educational apps, they recommended to visit your local academic bookstore, or dial their technical support numbers for further assistance.

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Movie Magic Screenwriter Review

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