This company providing almost all the DSLR Tools that a DP wants

A random search on the internet about the DSLR accessories, finally dropped us to the webpage of a US based camera accessory manufacturing company namely CineSkates.

The company was born in the MIT media Lab in 2011 as a Kickstarter Project. Comparing with the other similar companies like Tayzu and Manfrotto, CineSkates had made almost all the DSLR accessories like sliders, Slider Extensions, stepper motors, Tripods, Tripod ball heads, Portable Tripods, etc. The wished users can try their Products through the ‘Cart’ link enabled in their webpage (or) from their authorized dealers. In the past, the company was featured in the leading Medias such as Wired, Engadget and CNET.


They vend the products under the trade names like Axis360, Cinemoco, Cinesquid and Cineskates and its prices are ranging from $200-2000USD. The product Tutorial Videos, Users Manual and support Forums like useful resources are integrated in their webpage. Additionally, if you have ideas about wonderful tools that can make great videos, then mail your ideas at They will get back to you.

Finally, we want to say a big congratulation to the Founder of this organization Mr. Justin Jensen, for making such innovative patterns of filmmaking tools. Thank You!

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