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Celtx Script Writing Software Review


Celtx Script Writing Software Review

Celtx is a Script Writing Software developed By Greyfirst Corporation, this application is typically purposed for writing screenplays, stageplays, AV scripts, novels and radio plays. It is available on both free and premium versions. According to company officials, more than 3,000,000+ people are using Celtx screenwriting software. Find Here Review, features and pricing details of the Celtx Scriptwriting Software.


Customized Templates

Celtx screenwriting software Template screenshot

Celtx screenwriting software Template screenshot

You can see wide a ranges of templates on the opening page of Celtx that for the purpose of writing screenplays, AV scripts, audio plays, comic books and stage plays. However, this same feature is available in Final draft, but here in Celtx this customized template feature looks more convenient and easier to use. Apart from this, you can also convert writings from one to another format. Let’s illustrate with an instance; if you write a movie screenplay now you want to convert it as a stage play, Celtx allow for converting one a screenplay to a stage play format.

User Friendly Display

The Celtx’s home screen display is arranged in a user friendly way, you can use this application, simply as like a word processing application.  On the left side bar you can add the quick links to scenes, project library and on the right side bar you can add the details such production requirement per scenes like production equipments, sound design, production schedule, and artwork and artist details. Unlike the fixed left sidebar, the right sidebar is a customizable one. So, totally we can say that Celtx ensures a distraction- free writing.

Some Great Features….

We notice some these great unique features In Celtx; the first and foremost feature is “Save to PDF” option, that means you can save a file to PDF within the writing space. In Addition to this, you can add a title page (through a well formatted template) and referral notes in scripts.  The Storyboard is another one exciting integrated feature of Celtx; this feature helps you to create a  storyboard in Celtx by using images (From System Drive) /sketches to your script according to the relevant shots and scenes.

Writing Features

Undoubtedly Celtx ensures good writing features, 12-point Courier is the standard writing font enabled in this application. You can also find out various auto scriptwriting demonstration features like title position, Scene Number position and script positions, while writing a new script. The one negativity is Celtx doesn’t have an effective “Spell Check” feature as its competitor Final Draft had. However, this feature is only effective if your writing language is English also it seems distressful while you writing a name or a particular phrase that is not added to a web dictionary.


Celtx is really worth for money; it is available in both the premium and free (full) versions.  Premium Version comes up with two pricing plans of $199/year and $99/year. Apart this-if you are purchasing Celtx for educational purpose; you can buy the same product for $49/year.

Celtx Script writing software Review – Image Representation

Celtx script writing software review


The main difference between the premium and free version of Celtx is, in premium version it offers technical support while in free version they didn’t provide customer support. In addition to this, some other features of premium Celtx (Celtx edge) are:- text zooming up to 50%, can customize the front and background color for script (or) novel writing, sharing the project with other 20 users, 5GB inbuilt personal storage space and many more pre-production features.

Click Here To Download Celtx Full Version


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