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Complete list of equipments needed to make a Movie

Filmmaking Equipments


Complete list of equipments needed to make a Movie

Filmmaking is a complicated and chaotic task, more so if you are not organized enough. You need to think about all the aspects before going to shoot so that everything goes as smoothly as possible. The most important thing is you should be well equipped.

In this article, we are going to list all the equipments you need during the pre-production, production and post-production.


  1. Screenwriting Software

Screenwriting software helps you format your screenplay in the standard screenplay format so that it helps keep you organized while shooting. This formatting cannot be done in regular Word Processors like MS-Word.

There are numerous screenwriting software. The most popular ones are- Final Draft Script Writing software, Movie Magic Screenwriter, Celtx Script writing software. Some of these are also available as mobile apps.

  1. Storyboard Maker

storyboard maker software

A storyboard is a graphic organizer displayed in sequence for the purpose of pre-visualizing your shots/scenes. It is very handy to storyboard your ideas so that you have an idea how it will look visually.

There are various sophisticated Storyboarding Software which lets you make animations for shots. Toonboom is one of them.

For a more simple and Free tool use this website-

  1. Location Scouting Sheet

Location scouting involves searching for the right location for the shoot. A Location Scouting sheet will help you take notes about the location and the challenges, if any, to shoot there.

Free Download the Location Scouting  sheet from here


  1. Camera

In filmmaking, Camera is your eye. A decent camera is the most essential thing you’ll need to shoot.

Have a look at one of our article  on  various cameras used in Filmmaking-

  1. Camera Equipments

Following are the camera equipments you would need-

  • Lenses– Based on your requirements you should choose your lenses you need with the camera.

Rental Price- $50-$400 for 6 days, depends on your lens choice.

  • Tripod– A sturdy tripod will help you take steady and non-shaky video.


  • Fast Memory Cards– Memory cards with big size and fast read/write speeds are essential.

Price- $65 for 128 GB ultra high speed memory card.

  • Monopods– It is great for outdoor handheld filming. They are less bulky than tripods and hence easier to travel with.

Price- $70-$150

  • Lens Hood– It is used to prevent light from hitting the front lens. It reduces contrast and creates flare and produce richer colors and deeper saturation.

Price- $10-$30

Filmmaking Gear- Camera, Audio and Lighting

 Best Accessories For DSLR Filmmaking

  1. Sound Equipment

It is important to record high quality sound on location. Read this article to find out more-

a.  Components of sound designing

b. Lists of Equipment Used for making Sound Designing


  1.  Film Lights

Lighting is a very important tool for visual storytelling. With creative use of Lights you can tell a lot. We already did a 3 part article on Film Lighting which you must check-

3 Parts Film Lighting Techniques

Link 1: Hard & Soft Lighting Techniques

Link 2: concepts and techniques of Film Lighting

Link 3: Film Lighting Tutorial 

There are different types of lights used to create the type of lighting you need for your scene. There are also ways to modify certain lights using different modifiers. These video shows you in details what are the various types of lights and how to modify them-

  1. Light Meter

light meter image filmmaking

light meter image

It is used to measure the intensity if light for adjusting the proper exposure while taking a shot.

Price- $100

  1. Jib

To take overhead shots Jib is a very useful tool. It permits the camera to be moved vertically and horizontally.

Rental Price- $600/ day

  1. Dolly

Dolly is a wheeled cart used to take smooth horizontal shots by placing the camera and the cameraman over it.

Rental Price- $10/day

  1. Slider

slider filmmaking equipment

A slider has an automated sliding movement to film smooth horizontal shots. Only the camera is placed over it.

Rental Price- $15/day

  1. Clapperboard

It is used to sync the audio and video taken in a double system.

Price- $50 and for digital ones $300

  1. Make up Kit

A make up kit can consist a lot many things based on the choice of the make-up artist and for the requirements of the film. It can include Mirror, Brushes, Tweezers, Powder Puff, Foundations, Moisturizers, etc.

Price- Depends highly on the brand chosen.

  1. Documents-

While in production, you should always track the progression and also note how your shooting is going on. There are various types of documents you should use while shooting.

Download it from here

List of POST PRODUCTION Software for filmmaking

  1. Editing Software

To edit all the rushes and to give the film its final structure, editors use editing software. The industry standard editing software are- Final Cut Pro & Adobe Premier Pro.

  1. Visual Effects and Color correction Software

To make the rushes more beautiful and professional looking, VFX and color correction is often used. The most popular software is- Adobe After Effects

  1. Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

The Sound Designer and mixer uses DAWs to lay the audio tracks, edit them and finally mix them. The industry standard DAW is- Avid Pro Tools.


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  1. Anurag

    July 27, 2016 at 8:23 am

    I personally love this list of best equipments used for filmmaking. What is the price of a best tripod used for filmmaking and what is the price of that

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    August 1, 2016 at 4:17 am

    “Equipments” is not a word. Please correct to “Equipment”.

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    August 1, 2016 at 4:19 am

    Please do some more research before posting incomplete information, that might mislead some of our young aspirants. Colour correction, for example. After Effects is hardly the weapon of choice here. Grading and colour correction are also not done just to make something look ‘more beautiful’. Please do your homework and educate yourself before posting these articles.


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