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Learn Sound Design in 57 Minutes | Video Essay by Francis Prève

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Learn Sound Design in 57 Minutes | Video Essay by Francis Prève

This 57 Minutes video essay by Francis Prève teaches everything about Sound Design. In a conversation with Peter Kirn, professional sound singer, DJ and Synth Guru Francis Prève talks of how the most vital part of his work is listening. He feels that for decades, we have used music as a singular art form for our sense of hearing. We have most sophisticated tools like Ableton which have top-notch soft senses. He wanted to create something representational but not music. So, he worked on a project called ‘Scapes’. These are totally synthesized field recordings. He used an operator and few effects and released them as a downloadable Ableton project.

Francis believes that sound design is a language and listening expands your vocabulary. Many of us know that white noise is the most pervasive sound in nature. If we add a little resonance to the sound of waves, we get wind. He also recommends Daniel Lavitin’s book ‘This is Your Brain on Music’. It is one of the best treatises on understanding how we perceive sound. The book also has a very intriguing dissection of how we identify musical instruments. He also demonstrates various methods that he used to reverse-engineer recordings and other music-related things.

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