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Electronic Sound Design Tutorial from Razer Music by Nick Pittsinger

Sound Designing is the Imperative part of Filmmaking: A Sound designer’s Involvement is needed from the stage of holding the Boom pole to the BGM integration at the Post-production Stage. The process of Sound Designing may found as obscure for Amateurs, to learn it easier we had published two articles (Beginner Level Sound Design Tips part 1 and The Obscure Art of Film Sound: Part 2) on Filmmakers Fans that were describing about the process of professional sound Designing.


Few days ago, we featured a video essay explaining about the basics of Sound Designing tips and tricks by Nick Pittsinger. That video essay was all about the Orchestral Sound Design Tutorial. After a short Gap, Nick Pittsinger again appeared with another video essay that describing about the Electronic Sound Design. By watching this video essay, you can get a great introduction to the Sound Designing using “FL Massive” sound Designing software by Native-Instruments Inc.

FL Massive is one of the World’s Iconic VST(s) (Virtual Studio Technology) plug-ins trusted by the sound designers across the world. Through this Video essay, Nick explained about—How to give a cinematic sound designing feel to a normal video? What are the frequencies and ratio of sounds, and How to create sound designing effects for a Sci-fi film? Watch Now.


Electronic Sound Design Tutorial from Razer Music by Nick Pittsinger

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