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You will be amaze after watching this video and this is all about Foley in Filmmaking


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You will be amaze after watching this video and this is all about Foley in Filmmaking

Including the Film Aspirants as well as Amateur Filmmakers might have familiar with the film vocabularies like Film editing, sound Designing, Art Direction, VFX, etc. But, how many among them heard before the filmmaking term Foley? Obviously, Only a Few Know what the ‘Foley’ is.  Foley is the part Of Sound Designing, and the job of the Foley artist is to produce special sound effects such as Birds squawk, Foot step sound breaking glasses, etc like minor sounds that needed in the films. An exciting footage is shown below, which describes the job of a Foley Artist.

Thanks to this (Above) video made by The Third Man Films at the Pinewood Studios, for the film THE SECRET WORLD OF FOLEY.  The Film is all about the life of Foley artists, it is directed by Daniel Jewel.The Film had completed its screening at the BFI London Film festival, AFI Docs, Montreal world, Rhode Island Film Festival and Film Fest, Washington DC.

Congratulations! Daniel Jewel, Keep Making these Kinds of Movies

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