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These Abilities Are Needed For Becoming A Good Film Editor, And Do You Have That?

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These Abilities Are Needed For Becoming A Good Film Editor, And Do You Have That?

In film Production, the job of the Filmmaker is the toughest job and similarly in post production, the job of the film editor is the toughest Job.  Agree?

“In actual, the movies are formed into a shape from the Editing table and for obtaining good results, there must be a mutual understanding between Filmmaker and the film editor.” Says Filmmaker Priyadarshan.

The job, its responsibilities and the work nature of the film editor will be differing, according to the type of video they edit.  Saying an Instance, the editor’s job of a feature film and a corporate training video is different. In the Feature Film, the editor will verify the footage in according to the clap board scene number, and then insert various effects to the footages that relevant to the story.  But, in training videos, there is no much need of adding the effects; instead, there the viewers needed high quality non-shaky videos that ensure perfect sound quality.

Qualities of Editor

  1. Cooperative Approach + Keen Observation: There might be numerous retakes happened in every shot, the assistant film director must have marked the ‘Ok take’ in the clapboard and then the film editors specifically pick that ‘Ok take’ and stitch it with the film. But, sometimes the Ok takes are imperfect than the non-ok takes, such a situation a creative participation from the editor’s side is indeed. The filmmaker Stanley Kubrick was well known for shooting fifty or more ‘takes’ for a particular action. Such a situation, there certainly have numerous good shots. As you know that, a feature film must have 5,000+ (good + bad) shots. So the problem is, the editors didn’t not get enough time to preview all the shooted footages. Such a situation, the assistant directors (who involved in production) service will help the editors.

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  1. Creative approach: That’s an indeed necessary quality for an editor. Sometimes, the filmmaker forgets to visualize some minor shots (Like a Movement, look etc). Particularly, on such situations the editor has to fill the gap with some other match shots.
  2. Purpose Of A Cut: What is the Purpose Of a Cut? See this video essay made by, hosted by three  Academy award won Film Editors (William Goldenberg, Joel Cox  and Gary Roach) explained about their personal experience in Film Editing.


  1. Time and patience: Well, everyone who wants to be (or) working as an editor must know–editing is a time taking job. There is no fixed working hour for a film editor. When there are deadlines to meet, the working hours will long till the early morning. But don’t worry, you will get decent monetary benefits in according to the working time. Usually the film editors will charge hourly basis i.e. approximately 50 USD/Hr. Meanwhile, to reduce the work Time, we suggest two things. The primary is knowledge about the story and the second thing is deep proficiency in editing software.


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