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We Consider ‘The Little Terrorist’ as one of the great Indian Short Film, Available now on online, watch free


We Consider ‘The Little Terrorist’ as one of the great Indian Short Film, Available now on online, watch free

The Little Terrorist, an academy award mentioned live action short film directed by Filmmaker Ashvin Kumar In 2005. Besides the academy mentioning, the film also paid the attention in acclaimed film festivals like Almeria En Corto in Spain, Manhattan Film Festival, Mumbai International Film Festival in India, San Francisco Film Festival and Sydney International Film Festival.  The film tells the story of a 12 year old Pakistani Muslim boy- Jamal, mistakenly cross the Indian border and then he meets a Hindu Brahmin, Bhola and his niece, Bhola. The Indian soldiers get a signal that someone crossed over the border and they start seeking the person who violated the rules (The Terrorist). The army men also questioned Bhola and Rani, but they manage the situation trickily. From the beginning to the climax, the film maintains a particular tone in the aspects of visualization, costumes and the sound design.



One of their crew said- ‘One day, while shooting the film, the tents (that kept film stock) caught on fire because of a short-circuit in the electrical-wiring, later someone rush it to the lab and retrieved the film stock’. The Film was co-produced by Ashvin Kumar along with Dileep Singh Rathore and it cinematographed by Markus Huersch.

Behind The scenes Of Production – The Little Terrorist

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