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If you ask us- What are the Best Indian Short Films? We say here they are


If you ask us- What are the Best Indian Short Films? We say here they are

Here’s the list of Top Short Films made in India. Any Short Film is experimental- we can identify that fact from each visuals of a short film. But most times, Due to the inefficient crew members or due to the lack of budget the filmmakers can’t produce what they exactly need for. There are rare filmmakers who overcome these limitations and they create for us intriguing Short Films. The Country of India has a large number of Short Filmmakers. A day, an average of 70-100 new Indian short Films are Uploading to YouTube, Vimeo and other social sites. On such a situation, as we know it will be difficult to curate the best Indian Short Films. We tried our best to include the selective list on the basis of critic’s rating. We will update this list whenever, we or someone referred us a short film.

Here the list goes, also we suggest you to recommend us a good short film for including this list.

  1. The Little Terrorist (2004)

Director:  Ashvin Kumar.

The Movie tells a story of a Pakistani Boy who crossed the Indian border and the situations he faces after that.   The film was premiered in many short film festivals such as Manhattan Short Film festival, Montréal World Film Festival and The Mumbai International Film Festival. It was also nominated for 2005 Academy Award for Live Action Short Film.

  • Last Train to Mahakali (1999)

Director: Anurag Kashyap

Short Filmmaker Turned to feature Filmmaker- Anurag Kashyap’s all short films are likely upvoted by viewers. The ‘last Train To Mahakali’ short film was made for Star Productions In 1999. It is a partial science fiction film, tells a story of a doctor considered for ‘Capital Punishment’ for the reason of claiming about a medicine to cure any virus based disease. The lead roles of the film are handled by the stars Kay Kay Menon and Nivedita Bhattacharya.

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  1. Kullanta Bharya (Wife of Dwarf) (2013)

Director: Amal Neerad

This Malayalam short film was a part of four other short films that combined to a feature film ‘5 sundarikal’ (Translation: 5 Beautiful women) released on 2013. The film ‘kullanta bharya’ is all about the story of a dwarf husband and his fair-long wife. The story of this film is taken from Chinese story writer Feng Jicai’s short story ‘The Tall Woman and Her Short Husband’ the screenplay were written by Unni R.’



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4. Roadside Ambanis

Roadside Ambanis is a Tamil short film tells a story of Two Children’s sufferings, for starting their own bicycle Mechanics workshop. The film was directed by debut filmmaker Kamal Sethu and it was produced by Grape Pictures. The film was recognized as the best short film in the Norway international Tamil Short Film Festival.

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