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The Exact Job of Still Photographer is….

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The Exact Job of Still Photographer is….

Do you notice ever the name ‘Stills’ or ‘Still Photography’ that shown in the opening or closing credits of a Movie? That is exactly the credit space for showing the names of still Photographers. The still Photographers are the crucial part of Movie Production; their services are highly needed from the pre-production to post production stages of movie making. The people came to notice a movie at first through its stills or its posters. That is the reason why an expert still photographer is needed for your film. Usual movies have 1-2 still photographers, but depending on the size of the project and work, the counts of still photographers will increase.

This article is described about the Tips and Tricks In still Photography. We are expecting your feedback in the end of this post.

Equipments to Be Kept

  1. At least two DSLR cameras
  2. 5-6 variant lenses
  3. Filters



  1. Before production, the service of still Photographer is needed to shoot the stills of artists and the snaps of press meet, Audio launch etc… The Stills of artists are captured inside the studio floors with having green screen background. Those stills latter used for the Film posters.
  2. Another significant time of the necessity of still photographer is, in Movie Production. The stills that taken by the still photographer on movie production are classified into two- the first one is called Production stills (or) on-stage scenes and the second one is called as off-stage shots.

Production Stills/on-stage scenes

During the course of filming, a still photographer takes the snaps of film shooting for promotional purposes. Also, sometimes the production stills are needed for the legal purposes. The production stills are casual shots, means no further pre-planning needed before each clicks.

 Off-stage Shots

It works just opposite to the on-stage scenes. The off-stage shots are to be pre-planned and the stills should be matched to the subject of the film or the scene. The still photographer decide the frames on the basis of the film script: the movie director’s creative involvement is indeed for getting matching visuals. Later, the offstage shots will re-designed again for making the movie posters and for the online publicity.

The Best way To Get In

There are many still photographers of now days  reached that position through various parallel professions like wildlife photography, product Photography, Wedding Photography, etc. Few other ones turned to still photographer through assisting well-known still photographers. If you wish you learn more about still photography, choose some decent institutes for that. The film schools like whistling woods International Mumbai, British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP), the Association of Photographers (AOP), etc are best to learn still photography. Moreover, the passion for photography is needed to reach the summit in this field.

still Photographer, Exact Job Of Still Photographer

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