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Explanation of Making 360 Videos to Your Facebook | Most Readed Article


Explanation of Making 360 Videos to Your Facebook | Most Readed Article

360 Videos are the new rage all over the media. Here we explaining the proper method for creating 360 degree videos on Facebook. Started by travellers and wanderers, this technique was soon picked up by the movie studios to promote their films. Though we are yet to see a full length 360 degree feature film, we are slowly reaching where video games and content creators are already making content in 360.

However, making a 360 video requires a 360 degree spherical camera, without which it’s impossible to make a 360 degree video. Though you can cheat your phone to make a 360 degree photograph, making a video without a 360 camera is a no go.

Here is a 360 camera you can buy. (Link To Amazon)

So once you get yourself a 360 video camera, here is how you can publish that 360 video on Facebook.

Step By Step Explanation Of Making 360 Degree Videos to Facebook Profile

Step 1: Personal Timeline Upload

If you are are uploading a 360 video on your personal timeline, just upload it like a normal video and it will come up like a 360 video. Its that simple.

Step By Step Explanation for Uploading a 360 Degree Video To Facebook Page

Step 2: Page Upload

If you manage a page where you need to upload a 360 video, you need to take a little extra precaution. In this case you —

1.  Start uploading the video like a regular video, by clicking on ‘Upload Photos/Videos’


2. But before you click on ‘Publish’, click on the ‘Advanced’ tab.


3. Now check the box next to ‘This video was recorded in 360 format’. It will take you to the ‘360 controls’ tab.


4. In here you can edit the metadata for your video, like choose a thumbnail, stabilise the video, check the audio, or simply set some points of interests in your video. When you set a point of interest in a 360 video, the camera focuses on that point at the given time automatically so that the viewer doesn’t miss anything.

5. You are all set now. Click on ‘Publish‘ !


The video will take some time to load and process and then its on Faecbook for the whole world to see.


Featured Image by: therealdaily


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  2. Nikhil

    January 28, 2017 at 2:36 pm

    How to make 360 Degree Videos? Actually, I Read the article written By a Facebook Staff, Unfortunately, that didn’t help me to get the Right Solution. Finally I found something good on this website. Thank You Filmmakers Fans

    • FMF Resources

      January 29, 2017 at 11:27 am

      Thank You. we are Glad To know that you Liked Our Article


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