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Exclusive! Real Salary Top 10 Indian Actors


Exclusive! Real Salary Top 10 Indian Actors

Indian film industry is known to rake in big bucks with every blockbuster, and so the star of these big films should be earning big bucks too. Lets take a look at the Top 10 highest paid Indian actors:

(Note: For a fair competition, we are not naming Rajnikant and Salman Khan in this list. Because lets face it, these two actors never have to worry about giving a hit or flop film to affect their earnings).

Top 10 Highest Paid Indian Actors

10 – Prabhas


Current Fee per film – INR 15 – 25 Crores

This Telugu star is known for both his romantic and action roles. With his latest blockbuster Baahubali, Prabhas became the lead star of the highest earning Indian film.


9 – Ranbir Kapoor


Current Fee per film – INR 18 – 25 Crores

The current heir of the legendary Kapoor family, Ranbir Kapoor got everything in inheritance from his father, uncles and grandpa; good looks, stardom and a natural talent to act. With a promising career and some really good titles in his pocket, Ranbir is all set to dominate the Bollywood in coming times.


8 – Suriya

Current Fee per film – INR 20 – 25 Crores

Better known by his stage name Suriya, this Tamil heartthrob is one of the biggest stars of south Indian cinema. With his brother Karthi and wife Jyothika, Suriya forms one powerful film family along with his father Sivakumar. Unlike his father, Suriya didn’t go for the image of a dancing and charming hero, but carved an image of his own that garnered him millions of fans.


7 – Joseph Vijay

Current Fee per film – INR 22 – 25 Crores

In a close tie with Suriya is the Ilayathalapathi Vijaya. With his good acting skills (especially his comic timing), and the cutest face (after Ranbir Kapoor and Mahesh Babu, perhaps) Vijaya is one of the megastars of Tamil cinema who is known to pull the audience to theaters just being having his name in the movie poster.


6 – Ajith Kumar

Current Fee per film – INR 20 – 30 Crores

Besides being a Tamil film superstar, this handsome man is also involved in Formula 2 racing. Ranked as the third best driver in India, Ajith Kumar is known for his intense performance both in the films and racing.


5 – Kamal Haasan

Current Fee per film – INR 30 – 40 Crores

Popular in both South and North Indian film industries, Kamal is one actor who loves to take risks and rarely plays safe. Unlike many other superstars this man never shies down from experimenting with his image.


4 – Amitabh Bachchan

Current Fee per film – INR 35 – 40 Crores

In need of no introduction to him or his work, this man can literally quote any amount as renumeration and it will justified. But his not being in the top spot of this list proves how flexible he is with his signing amount. Several stories tell of Mr Bachchan doing films for as low as Re 1 only for friendship. It all makes Big B a national treasure.

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3 – Ajay Devgan

Current Fee per film – INR 35 – 40 Crores

The Action Jackson of India, Ajay Devgan has always been an in and out action star. With an exception of a few films, Mr Devgan has been known as an action hero to the masses, and is loved immensely. This is one star that is loved equally by all the three Khan fan clubs.


2 – Akshay Kumar

Current Fee per film – INR 40 Crores (app.)

Technically, he is not even an Indian citizen (he holds a Canadian passport and citizenship), yet Akshay Khiladi Kumar is one of the highest earning stars of Indian film industry. Revered equally by the fans of all the other stars as well, Akshay is known for being great both on and off screen.


1 – Aamir and Shahrukh Khan

Current Fee per film – INR 40 – 45 Crores

When it come to being number one, there is no clear winner between these two and so we decided to award the number one spot to these two. Though the two men are equally profitable for the distributors and financiers, they are poles apart when it comes to the content they create. Where Aamir believes in quality over quantity and tries to stay away from ads and endorsements, Shahrukh is known for staying in his lover boy image and saying yes to any family friendly brand/product that could afford him.


So these were the Top 10 spots for the highest earners in Indian film industry. Though how much impressive these figures are, this whole thing suddenly becomes sad as all the spot holders are male actors. We are still way behind from gender equality in Indian film industry where women are paid as much as their male counterparts. For example, the top earning Indian actress Deepika Padukone quotes a fee of around INR 10 Crores for a film. According to the benchmark of this list, she wont enter even at #20.

So lets just hope for a day when we will have equal numbers of male and female stars in a list like this.


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