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A Complete Guide about the Different types of Camera Lens favourite by Industry Professionals

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A Complete Guide about the Different types of Camera Lens favourite by Industry Professionals

Probably, all of us are very much familiar about different cameras, but only a few among having good awareness about the camera lens. Here is the best explanation about Camera lens that you want to know.

The Basics ..

Why ‘Lens’ is used in camera?

  • Lens is used to transfer the reflection of an Object To Film (In Normal Camera)/ Censor (Digital Camera)
  • Lens is used To Control The Light that falling to the film (In Normal Camera)/ Censor (Digital Camera)
  • Lens is used to control the limit of eye vision on a focusing object, where it functioned as image sharpening, blurring etc

How lens can Create Images?

Lens capture the light (Photon) that reflects on an object and it transmits to the film for creating the images. So, more clearly when you click the ‘ON’ button of your camera, the shutter (The cover that is placed in front of your camera to protect the lens) moves out and the light rays from the object passes through the film (normal) or Sensor (Digital Camera), and the image will expose (Developed) on the basis of primary colors (Red, Green and Green).

How Lenses are Co-related with Focal Length?

Camera Lenses are classified on the basis of the basis of focal Length (f). The light rays from an Object converge through the lens and it meets at a particular point is called Focal Plane. So, the distance from the lens to the Focal Plane is called Focal Length.

Proportion- Focal Length: Focus Object: Lens

When The Focus Object is closer to the Lens, then the Focal Length Increases and the image will appear as Bigger.

More clearly, for close up shots the Lenses having a higher focal length will give you Good results, and in the Wide angle shots the lenses having a less focal length gives you Good results.


  1. If you’ve chosen a lens that having High focal Length (Above 135 MM), then the depth of the frame will Increase, and the focus object will get a closer view and resulting of this, the frame will get more audience attention.
  2. If you’ve chosen a lens that having less focal Length (below 135 MM), then the depth of the frame will reduce and the focus object will appear as a longer view, and resulting of this, the frame will get less audience attention. Less focal length lenses are used in wide angle shots and establishing shots.
type of shots, camera lens

See This image that shown the output obtained from variant lenses Image Courtesy : Nikon canada

Different Types of Camera Lens

Which Lens should I Buy for my Camera? Might be, most of us have a doubt on this concept. As like camera, the selection of Lens is totally dependable on the purpose.

This Article Tells You about the Different Types of Camera Lenses, Purposes and the pricing

  1. Normal Lens/Standard Lens

Nornal lens

Image :

Purpose: The lenses that having the vision range as like a normal Human eye is categorized as Normal (or) Standard Lens. More clearly, your output frame size is similar to a person’s vision range when he looks to the focus-object from where the camera stands. These lenses are used for Medium film-Shots.

Focal Length: The lens that having focal length range of 35-50 mm is called as Normal/Slandered Lens

Pricing: $150

  1. Wide Angle Lens

wide angle lens

wide angle lens ,


(a) Wide angle Lenses are used to capture a wider view, for instance – a landscape.

(b) Wide angle Lens is used to establish a Scene

(c) As its Frame view is wider, the wide angle lens are found as effective in Hand-held shots and it principally helps to minimize the Hand jerks

(d) Wide angle Lens gives more importance to foreground (Objects that are closer to the camera) objects, when the background (objects Behind the foreground) Objects staying in the same line. (See the image below For Explanation)

Type of lens, wide angle lens

This image was captured with wide angle lens


Focal Length: Lenses that are Below 35 mm: such as 30 mm, 25 mm, 24mm and 22 mm

Pricing: Starting at $160

  1. Telephoto Lens

Tele photo lens

Telephoto Lens
Image :

Purpose: Tele lens is used in Close-up shots: especially in Wild Life photography, Product photography and sports.

Focal Length: 75mm, 80mm, 100mm etc

Pricing: Starting at $195

  1. Zoom Lens

Zoom Kens

Zoom Lens

Purpose: As ‘Name’ implies, Zoom lens are used to get a much closer view of the object by ‘Zooming’ the object manually or automatically. Usually, two camera tricks that can be used by this Zoom Lens, one is ‘Zoom-in’ and another one is ‘Zoom Out’. In ‘Zoom-in’ the camera moves closer to the subject, resulting of this the audience feels more stressful, while in ‘Zoom-Out’ the camera moves out to the subject, where the audience feels more relaxed.

Focal Length: The focal length of Zoom lens is ranging from 5.5mm to 1000mm. Normal Zoon Lens is ranging From 50 to 250 mm, while the High Resolution Zoon Lens is ranging From 50 -1500 mm.

  1. Micro Lens

Telephoto lens

Image Courtesy : Canon canada

Purpose: These Lenses are specially designed to capture the Tight-closer view of focusing Object. Macro Lenses can capture the Images that are beyond the human eye vision.  Micro lens is found good mainly in the wild Life Photography and Product Photography.

Focal Length: Macro Zoom Lenses 45-65mm are found best for Product Photography and lenses having shooting Range 90-200 mm is found best for wild Life Photography.

Pricing: $400 above (Standard Rate)

  1. Fish Eye Lens

Fish Eye Lens , filmmakers fans



Purpose: Fish Eye lens are used to create the wide panoramic visuals in 180 degree (The image that shown above is the output that received when used the Fish Eye Lens).

Focal Length: 4.5 mm (Sigma), 5.6 (Sunex ), 6&8 mm (Nikon)

Pricing: Starting From $180

  1. 28mm Adapter Lens

28 mm adapter lens

Image Courtesy:

What is Called adapter Lens?

Adapter Lens is a lens attached metal ring that mounted between camera body and primary lens.

Adapter Lens is principally used to control the focal length of a lens and it helps the Photographers/cinematographers for easily adjusting the frame.

Purpose: 28 adapter lenses are used to create the visuals that are wider and deeper than a usual wide angle lens. Usually it is combined with 40 MM lens.

Focal Length: 28mm

Pricing: $100 Standard Rate


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