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This Video is a comprehensive guide to learn about Filmmaking


This Video is a comprehensive guide to learn about Filmmaking

If the learning of filmmaking from a film school is not affords you (or) you haven’t had a guru in filmmaking, then watch 17 M video essay explaining precisely about the behind the scenes of making a film. We all witnessed many video essays that are explaining about the process of filmmaking, but this video is far different from all of them.

This Video footage was made 60 years ago by the International Film Bureau Inc Chicago, for giving awareness to the students about the process behind the filmmaking. In this video, a young director is mentoring about filmmaking through the production process of a short film.

This video Comprises of the topics from the arenas of:-

  1. The Requirements of Filmmaking
  2. How to Pitch a Story?
  3. How to Convert an Idea into Story?
  4. What’s next after the Preparation of shooting script?
  5. How to divide actions Into Medium shot, Close-up shot and Long shot?
  6. Why using a Light Meter In the filmmaking?
  7. Location scouting Tips
  8. Why to take multiple shots at a location?
  9. What is the main Job of Filmmaker?
  10. How to avoid continuity mistakes?
  11. How to avoid Jump Shot?
  12. How to Take Production Notes?
  13. The Basics of Editing
  14. Closer look to analogue film editing equipments like- Viewer, Grease Pencil, Film editing-scissors, Splicer and Film Cement.

Hope, you learn all these mentioned things from this video essay.


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