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Now Showing: Indian Filmmaker S. Shakthidharan Co-directed film at Sydney Film festival


Now Showing: Indian Filmmaker S. Shakthidharan Co-directed film at Sydney Film festival

Sydney Film festival is one among the most significant film festivals in the world and therefore it is not an easy task to get listed a Film In this festival. Here it’s 2015 secession; the first-time writer-directors S. Shakthidharan and Guido Gonzalez’s feature film “Riz” get a chance to showcase their film in the Sydney Film Festival.

Riz” portrays a multicultural story of city life and fewer about poverty.  The idea of Riz is generated from the real life experience of Gonzalez (Co-filmmaker), who came to Australia from Chile as a child refugee. Latter get into filmmaking as an assistant director on Khoa Do’s The Finished People. Gonzalez said to The Sydney Morning Herald that “We had planned to shoot movie when we was at 18, it is what we were thinking when we left the school-our state of Mind”

Sydney International Film Festival

Heading for the festival: Riz star Varun Fernando out front, behind (from left) co-directors Guido Gonzalez and S. Shakthidharan and actors Jamie Meyer-Williams, Anandavalli, Firdaws Adelpour and Sophie Hawkshaw. Photo: Kate Geraghty Image Courtesy: The Sydney Morning Herald


One underlined saying fact of Riz (film) is that, the total production cost of the film is just $85, 000 and its major casts were high school kids. Now days it is not as easy to make an English-speaking feature film for just $85,000, but the creators of the movie “Riz” is succeeds in filming even with a minor Budget.

Shakthidharan much excitedly says that “it’s quite a miracle that we made a film: the whole movie was filmed in just 9 days and its major shooting locations are in Cabramatta and Casula. Sydney film festival’s director Nashen Moodley also says “Rizdepicts a multicultural Sydney he has not seen before on screen. It is appreciable that they did a really good job and there’s a lot of talent there.”

Apart the Co-director S. Shakthidharan, the film (Riz) is also having Indian presences- Varun Fernando (Lead actor) and Anandavalli (Co-Actor)

RIA Film Official Trailer

Video Courtesy CuriousWorks

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