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Just Happened: First 4k Film That Completely shot with iPhone 6S


Just Happened: First 4k Film That Completely shot with iPhone 6S

The Filmmaking is always an Experiment; the experimental films are made when the filmmakers exploit the maximum possible technology.

Here, this time we are introducing to you about a 4k Resolution film titled ‘The Painter of Jalousie’made with an iPhone 6S camera.

The Film “The Painter of Jalousie,” (Shown Above) was directed by David Darg & Bryn Mooser, made this film from an inspiration gained from a real time Incident. It tells a story of a young man from Jolouzi, who was decided to paint the houses and ramparts in the slum areas of Jalousie.

According to the statement given by the filmmakers to “There was an earthquake in Haiti, Jalousie on 2010. For recovering the people’s life from that natural calamity, the government initiated a newproject, namely ‘Jalousie in Colors ’ that allotted $1.4million to relocate the people and repaint the damaged houses. Once the allotted funding dried up, a painter from Jalousie named Duval Pierre goes forward to complete the task from where it stopped, which was happening due to the lack fund.”

The Painter of Jalousie, David Darg & Bryn Mooser

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David Darg & Bryn Mooser

The New iPhone 6S have 12Megapixel camera and 4K HD video capturing facility. The 4k videos are called as Ultra High Definition Videos and its video clarity is 3 times higher than (2160p 4K) a usual 1080p HD video.

‘The video output we get is exactly similar or even better than the videos made with high-expensive cameras. The filmmakers and Journalists must try this’ Bryn says.

Equipments they used In Production for making this Film

  1. I Phone 6s
  2. Lenses-  EnCinema 35mm lens adapter/ 24-70mm L series lens with EnCinema 35mm lens adapter (Clarification Indeed)
  3. Stabilizer
  4. Tripod
  5. Stead Cam Grip
  6. Phantom DJI Pro Drone.

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