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What is The Importance of a Door in Storytelling? This Video Exactly showed that


What is The Importance of a Door in Storytelling? This Video Exactly showed that

What is the Importance of Doors in Storytelling? Knowingly (Or) unknowingly, the doors play a significant role in storytelling. The videomaker Darren Foley’s recent filmmaking, video gives you the best explanation about the role in the Storytelling. The surprising fact is, until now most of the filmmakers has given less importance (or, no importance) for the doors like things captured in the frames. After watching this video, we hope, there might be some potential changes can happen in the filmmaking perspective.

The Use of Doors in Film- A lesser known Filmmaking Trick



Extract From The Video  

  1. The doors are best spot for the character introduction and same wise the departure.
  2. The doors way represent physical representation of emotional barrier (Situations: When one character looking the other one through a glass door and the other character (standing on other side of the door) is handicapped and unable to pull of the lock of the door, etc)
  3. Best for the Interview entry scenes.
  4. Used for expressing a romantic situation ( Eg: when two couples meet together near a doorway, there should be a peep look happen, that cause a romantic moment)
  5. Doors entry is not only better to show the power of the character but also weakness.
  6. Best place to show the relationship between the characters, sometimes pleasantly sometimes sadly.
  7. Door entry is sometimes used the place to show the strength of the character (An Instance: A scene in which two characters, a robber from outside pushing the door to inside and on other side the house owner pushes the door to outside, here door became a reason for finalizing- who had more strength among the two)

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