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Watch this 360° small Video made at a war location


Watch this 360° small Video made at a war location

Proud to share here another experimental video made by RYOT. This 360° virtual reality filmmaking, video, directed by Ryot’s Christian Stephen and, it is edited by Dan Dasho and Khalil Anderson.  The Video creators claimed that this was the first time a film made with 360° camera set up at a war Zone. The filming location was in Aleppo, the largest city of Syria.

While the normal camera filmed videos gives the half view of the focus object, The 360° cameras, presenting you an all-together-view of the focus object. Exactly, as you guessed, it is rounded shape. The 360° are highly durable, waterproof and it can produce HD video formats like 720p and 1080p. It has Zero blind spots.

Watch The 360° degree camera Explanation Made By Bubl




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