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From Chennai to Cannes, a tale of young Indian Filmmaker Named -John Romeo


From Chennai to Cannes, a tale of young Indian Filmmaker Named -John Romeo

When Nila Vaanam Kaatru Mazhai was just an idea in his mind, the writer, director and producer John Romeo, a professor at the Department of Visual Communication in Madras Christian College, would not have even dreamed of touching the coveted red carpet of Cannes. John Romeo’s film on honour killing will be screened at Cannes Short Film Corner later this year. The movie is a beautiful romantic narrative, but more than that, it is the eye opener to one of the greatest social evils the country encounters today – honour killing.


Cannes film festival is the prestigious film festival where films, both commercial and documentaries from all over the world compete to get a spot. It is conducted yearly at Cannes, France. The film festival includes several awards like, the famous Palm d’or or the Golden Palm, Grand Prix, Pix du jury, etc. The festival also has a competition for short films by the name Cannes Short Film Corner.

John Romeo

John Romeo

There has been several reports about the brutal practice of families killing their children for being in love, under the disguise of protecting the face and honour(!) of the family. However, the message would have reached more people through this movie than any other traditional media. It was during a regular conversation in his class that John Romeo hit the idea of honour killing and thought why he could not make a short film on it. This movie was done with the help of his students one of his students has acted in the movie too.


This 25 minutes long film portrays the dreams and happiness of a couple who are truly in love with each other and the way they are shattered into nothing strikes the right chords of the hearts of every person who watches the movie. John Romeo endeavours to use film making as a tool to fight against honour killings. He had previously made a movie based on abortion, and this clearly reveals his aim of causing social changes through his productions.

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The thread as well as the movie was developed with the help of his students at Madras Christian College. Actor Benito plays the male role when Fareen Ashaan appears as his female counterpart. Both have exhibited an appreciative performance which conveys to the reader the depth of their love. Famous theatre trainer Jayarao appears as the father of the girl. Other supportive actors have also given the best of their performance to enhance the movie.

The entire drama evolves from the core theme of the film, while the transitions used in it give extra effect. The romance between the couple is given great prominence to convey how such ‘honour’ killings cut off the dreams of life. The background music and the cinematography require special mention as to add to the total ambience of the film. It is sure to attract the attention from several veterans from different fields around the world as it has a strong message to convey.

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