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Film Production Tips: These Are The Four Basic Steps Of Practical Filmmaking

Visual impacts are the main attraction of movies; better visuals are form from group work and innovative thinking. Now, what are the basics of Movie visualization? And how it became practically possible?

In Filmmaking, the director is the one person who can effectively led the entire crew. without the effective and timely involvement of a director; the movie wouldn’t be successful at all. On the basis of script, the director plot and imagine the shots and deliver the idea to the other crew members like assistant directors, art directors, visual effect supervisors, artist and cinematographers. Usually the final ideas  are generated from these discussions.

In General a scripted- video is made up through these four processes.

1)      Frame

2)     Scene

3)      Shot

4)      Sequence

1). what does the term “Frame” meant in movie making?

A frame is the micro unit of a film, the number of images moving per second is commonly referred as frame rate. The standard frame rate per second (FPS) is 24, the speed of the frame rate is determined from the speed of moving images and the speed of the play back. More clearly a frame determines the subject’s positioning.


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2) What does the term “scene” meant in movie making?

An action that happen in a particular place is called scene, for instance an incident that happen in day and night can be divided into two scenes, or an incident that happen in market, bus stop and house is divided into three scenes based on the convenience, if that scene is lengthy it might be divided into various bi-scenes (like A, B, C, D)

Film Scene - Shot
An Example of a Scene


Film Shots
In This Image, the Red Highlighted portion is the Location, where the story Happens

3) What does the term “shot” meant in movie making?

Shots are the indispensable part of a movie; good movies are born through better and planned shots. It scribed according to each scene like what type of shot needed for that particular scene, the camera angle, the camera lens, character location and other co-artists presence etc. Usually these shot divisions are formatted as drawing which usually done by portraying artists with the instruction of director, sometimes the director itself do this task.The shot division process is usually starts after the acceptance of the script. 


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 4. What does the term “Sequence” meant in movie making?

Series of scenes united to form sequence, which are usually linked with connected or hooked one by one. Sequence determines the entire structure of a movie; or it is the way that a movie is happens.

Film secquence
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