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What is called Film Frame: Video Explanation

Film Production

What is called Film Frame: Video Explanation

Movies are formed from sequences, sequences are formed from scenes, scenes are formed from by- scenes, by scenes are formed from shots and shots are formed from Frames. So this is the basic functionality of frames. Frame is simply defined as the micro unit of a film. FPS or Frame-Per-Second of a motion picture is 24; that means for a motion picture runs when 24 frames join together. 

Frame Rate of Present- Films = 24 FPS

 Frame Rate of Older Films = 16- 18 Fps

High Frame Rate = 40-48Fps

How it works?

As mentioned earlier, frames are defined as the micro units In Films. On other hand perception, frames are also defined as still images and when these frames compose in a chronological order it becomes a motion picture.

In Movies, frames are composed in according to the pre-planned shot division. Shots are divided in according to the character’s intensity and Story.

But, a major question is still remaining; how it works? When frames are flashed one by one in screen; how the viewers remember the past frames and how that frames are get connected in audience mind? Theoretically, this works because of the principle called “Persistence of vision”. This Technique “persistence of Vision” helps to inter-connect the frames also it creates an illusion of moving image.

Persistence of vision is a law which states that the human eye always retains images for a fraction of a second (around 0.04 second). This means that everything we see is a subtle blend of what is happening now and what was happened a fraction of a second ago.-

                                                                                                                                                        Paul Nipkow- Inventor Of This law

Jeff Quitney’s this short Video explains you further about Persistence of Vision


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