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YouTube Vs Vimeo: Which one is best for video makers?

Youtube vs vimeo filmmakers fans


YouTube Vs Vimeo: Which one is best for video makers?

YouTube (or) Vimeo? Which one is best for video creators? And, which among these offers more money for video creators? was founded by three US based engineers- Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim in February 14, 2005. Latter in October 2006, they sold the proprietorship of to Google Inc. According to the site traffic analysis of Comscore, is listed among the category of ‘Top Ten Websites in the world’ The company claimed that it had one billion registered users and 300 hours of videos are uploading every minute.

Watch the First Video Uploaded To YouTube on Apr 23, 2005 by Jawed Karim.

Pros of YouTube

  • is 2x faster than any video sharing site 
  • It Is Free
  • User Friendly Home page
  • Can find country based trending videos
  • It has auto-play video option based on your last 5 searches
  • Can upload unlimited Videos
  • The site is responsive in all the gadgets, they also developed mobile applications for various OS
  •   Offers high revenue to video creators
  • it has wide ranges of integrated video customization option
  • Fast Response from viewers
  • Integrated subtitle option

Cons of YouTube

  • Auto-enabled HD video facility is not available on You Tube
  • No parental controls
  • Any person has a Gmail account can upload 15 min (Max) length videos to YouTube. If your video running time is above 15 minutes, you must follow mandatory guidelines suggested by YouTube support team.


Vimeo was founded by Zach Klein and Jake Lodwick in November 2004, that exactly one year before the launch of YouTube. In August 2006 the company was acquired by Inter Active Corp. The Vimeo attracts 100 million unique visitors and it has 23 million registered users.


  • High Quality Videos – Screen Resolution is 1280×720  and HD quality is 720p.
  • The best platform to watch Indie/experimental filmmakers works
  • Your video secure in Vimeo platform: The Vimeo has settings for changing the video to private mode and there you can secure your video with a password.
  • Vimeo Conduct film festival every year for honouring the filmmakers


  • Complicated Home page display
  • Video uploads for basic (free) user is limited to 500 MB per week, while the plus plan subscribers can upload 5GB videos every week. The money that you needed to pay for the Vimeo premium upgrade is $17
  • Comparing with YouTube, the content creator earnings through Vimeo is slightly less.

YouTube Vs Vimeo Monetary Benefits Comparison

YouTube Revenue Sharing System

50-50- means one half of the ads revenue for the video creator and other one half for YouTube.


Read More: How To Earn Money From YouTube Videos?


Vimeo Content Creator Revenue Sharing System,

There are two ways for earning money from the Vimeo. The First method is (i) Tip Jar and the second method is (ii) Pay per View

(i) What does ‘Tip Jar’ mean In Vimeo?

‘Tip jar’ simply means ‘Donation’. It is enabled in Vimeo for collecting donations from the viewers; however, giving the donation is not compulsory for your viewers, they give you money if they wish. The minimum amount they can donate to you is $0.99 and the maximum amount is $500. 

2 What does ‘Pay-per-view’ mean In Vimeo?

Pay-Per-View (also referred as Vimeo on Demand) is a system that enabled in Vimeo Pro for the benefit of video creators.  

How does it work?

A video creator can sell the videos through this option. What you needed to do is – create a stunning trailer of your video and if the viewer liked your trailer, he can watch the full movie in the price that you demand.

Revenue Split: 90% of revenue for content creators and the rest 10% for Vimeo. More details available here

Fact: You can collect money from Vimeo through the above mentioned two sources, only if you are using Vimeo pro (Premium) account. Charges- $199/year (or) $17/month


If your film/video is not an excellent one, then YouTube is best for earning money, why because only good quality (in terms of content and visualization) videos can earn high revenue from Vimeo-on-demand but there is no such barrier in YouTube platform.

Finally! The internet term ‘Viral’ is an unknown term for Vimeo Video creators; instead they use word ‘Quality’



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