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List of Top 17 Grants For Indian Filmmakers

Film grants India united states funding


List of Top 17 Grants For Indian Filmmakers

Every Filmmaker Should Read This. Here’s the list of Top 17 Grants for Indian Filmmakers. For any individual Filmmaker, with a national or international origin, one other thing which is most important other than the idea is the finance. Unlike a Writer or Song Writer, Director cannot transform his or her dream project into some reality without the presence of fund. Anyway, unlike the earlier days, during these days, more and more types of funds are easily available to the filmmakers or the production houses.

Fortunately these days, one can go for funding with international source too. However since the competition is so tough, your project really needs to be extraordinary in order to avail these projects.


In general, the funding depends on two types of elements. The first one is the types of films for which the fund is needed. Documentary films get preference in that lot. Another part is that one has to submit the distribution and sale rights to the main fund, at least partly. In this case, the most helpful ones have mostly remained the International ones.


In order to get the fund you need to submit the synopsis of the film, script, financial budget plan, distribution plan, bio data of the director, earlier works if any and so on. Undoubtedly these ones are supposed to be the attractive ones which can lure them into spending their money on the project. Here is a list of film financiers who provides finance/funding for Indian Filmmakers.


List of Top 17 Grants For the Indian Filmmakers


  1. NFDC Funding:


NFDC or the National Film Development Corporation Limited helps Indian film makers by providing them with co-production facilities. You can apply online or at the Head Office in Mumbai and other regional offices. As mentioned earlier, film makers need to submit the synopsis and other details along with the application form. You need to submit Rs. 2000 with the form for the short films and Rs. 5000 for the feature films. In general, NDFC attempts to finance the five selected projects along with the investment of additional 30%of the entire budget or Rs. 10 million anything that is less. You can contact them through mail i.e. and visit their site for more information.


 Entry Inviting Date: Fourth week of January/First Week of January in Every year 


2. The Global Film Initiative:


As the name suggests, this was established in order to promote the cross-cultural exchange of ideas through films. This American film funding company works in support of Asian, African, Latin American, Middle Eastern film makers. Every year twice, almost 10 grants worth of $10,000 are given to selected feature filmmakers. For detailed info, you can call 415-934-9500 or Fax at 415-934-9501. You can also email them at or visit


Click Here to see the Guidelines Published on Source website

 Entry Inviting Date: Mid of October in Every year 

3. World Cinema Fund:

This is an initiative by Berlin in order to provide production as well as distribution funding for the films which stir the audience with the aesthetic appeal or technique, cinematography and so on. It has an annual budget of almost € 350,000. The selection is made from films with the origin like Latin America, Central and South-East Asia, Central America and so on. For further details, you can email them at heinen@berlinale.den, bugno@berlinale.den or visit

 Entry Inviting Date: Will Update later

Deadline: Second Week of July- Every year

Click here to see the production and Distribution funding by Berlinale for Filmmakers


4. Hubert Bals Fund:


This Indian film funding establishment provides funds for extraordinary feature films as well as creative documentaries, directed by the filmmakers from developing countries. The main thrust is on the artistic value and aesthetic appeal of the films. Generally, it allows individual grants of almost €10,000 for script and projection purpose and almost €15,000 to €20,000 for digital production purpose. It funds the production process and distribution procedure also. You can contact them at


Offering Funding for Script Development, Film Production, Post-Production, and Film Distribution


Deadline to Apply For Script Development of Hubert Bals Fund: 1st March Every year (See the Info here)


Deadline to Apply For Film Production of Hubert Bals Fund: 1st April Every year (See The Info Here)


Deadline to Apply For Post-Production of Hubert Bals Fund: 1st August Every year (See the Info Here)


Deadline to Apply For Film Distribution (in Europe) of Hubert Bals Fund: 1st November every year (See The Info Here)

Watch Film Trailer ‘POOR FOLK’ Directed By Midi Z

(This Film was produced with the funding received from Hubert Bals Fund)


5. Jan Vrijman Fund (For Documentary Purpose):

IDFA’S Jan Vrijman Fund helps the Documentary filmmakers from developing the country. This works in order to turn the documentaries into a type of creative art, globally recognized. Generally, they grant almost €15,000 to the filmmaker. You can call them at +31206273329 or fax them at +31206385388, mail them at

Application Deadline: Its Selection rounds take place twice a year, with application deadlines on 15 January  and 15 May.


Expand this link – to know more about Jan Vrijman film Funding programme.


Also Read: Full Details of Film Division of India Funding Programme for Indian Filmmakers


6. Sundance Documentary Fund:






Sundance providing fund focuses on film which brings into foreground the contemporary issues like social justice, politics, and gender issues and so on. During the selection they judge thoroughly on the basis of script, technique, and screenplay and so on. They offer two kinds of funds, one is for development purpose which amounts  to $15,000 and the other is one for distribution or post production process which ranges from @20,000 to @50,000 and so on.  You can either visit them www.sundance. org or mail at
Sundance and Skoll Foundation:
Focusing on films which are in every sense revolutionary and new trend setting Sundance Institute in partnership with Skoll foundation funds almost 8 films per year. The fund, depending on the project rises from $30,000 to $150,000 almost. The priority is the documentaries, the unfinished ones with scopes of co-productions, distributions or post-production and so on. They can be emailed at or visited at

(Must Read: Step By Step Process Explanation To submit a Film To the Sundance Film Festival )


Alter-Cine Foundation:

This Canadian foundation is another one for documentaries made by filmmakers from Africa, Asia, Latin America and so on. The main focus is on films which goes against the norm and voice the suppressed ones. The main motto is to spread the essence of tolerance towards the different notions. You can contact them for detailed information through mail at
Goteborg International Film Festival:
This international film festival provides funding of almost $15,000 for film development, post-production and technological issues. They focus mainly on films with gender issues and films by female directors. You can mail them at or visit them at
Fonds Sud Cinema:
This is an initiative by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This establishment provides short film funding, India, as well as other feature, animated films or documentaries. The main condition is to do the post-production in France, at least the major part of it. You can email them at
Visions Sud Est:
This Swiss establishment is known for funding film makers from Asia, Africa, America, Eastern Equrope and so on to make them globally recognized. It provides a post-production help of 50,000 Swiss francs, help of 20,000 francs for documentary production, 10,000 francs for finishing documentary production. You can visit them at
Deadline To apply For sundance Film Production Grant: There is no Deadline;  The Festival accepting entries throughout the summer and fall.

Click Here to apply now for sundance Film Grant

7. National Geographic All Roads Seed Grants


This organization grants fund for the feature or short films, long and short documentaries, animated or music video and so on. They provide grants for 16 projects per year which ranges from $1000, $10,000 and so on. You can mail them at or visit them at

Note: The Program has stopped Funding for New Films temporarily

8.Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund

The fund provides funds for documentary filmmakers. Generally, the cost raises from $10,000 to $1000, 000 you can email them at or

  • ITVS Documentary fund:

This American organization seeks brilliant filmmakers who can create documentaries for their U.S. audience in order to introduce them to the rest of the world and help them into participating in any activity from the outer world. For the further information, you can mail them at

Read the Rules, Regulations and Details of Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund on its official website

Entries Inviting Date:  1st week of December 

9. Hivos Culture Fund:

This unique establishment not only funds the motion picture from developing countries but also helps the filmmakers in screening those in Netherlands. Apart from this, the fund also helps in supporting several film festivals, distributions and also training the makers. You can contact them through their office in Bangalore or call them at +918022270367, mail them at and visit their website

Click Here To See The Details

Deadline Details: Not Available

10. VAF:

This Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF) Fund establishment helps Audio-Visual production. They promote them in Flanders and as well as in abroad. They also provide professional trending.

Deadline: August fourth week every year  
Click here to see the details of VAF funding -Deadline, offering Grants details, etc:

11. CineMart:

This Indian filmmaker Grant establishment provides great help for those filmmakers.

 Entry Inviting Date: First week of September Every year 

12. Asian Film Funding Programme

Application Accepting date: 2nd Week Of January Every Year 

Click here to see the Complete details of Asian Film Funding Programme

13. TFI Sloan Filmmaker Fund:

This Filmmaker Fund provides grants for very interesting features that offer a refreshed take on scientific, mathematical and technological themes.

Application Accepting date: September 1st week every year 

Click here to see the Details


14. NetPix:

The organization provides funding  in a bit different way. Unlike the other grants, this establishment provides help so that the film can be funded by the crowd at any point of time.

Deadline: Not Available 

Click Here to see the Details

15. Pnavision:

As the name suggests, this is considered to provide help for different lenses and amazing film cameras. The organization also helps in buying different types of digital cameras, for the film.

Deadline: Not Available

Click Here to see the details.

16. Liberty Lab for Film

This is an advanced program for those who have some experience in screenwriting or filmmaking. You can participate in any one of these.


Deadline:  May Second Week

Click Here to see the details.

17. Roy W. Dean Grant:

Grants focus on outstanding films made by Indian filmmakers.

Deadline: Not Available

Click here to See the details

Here is the listed information on top grants for Indian Filmmakers.

(Have Any Doubts Regarding This? Please ask us in the Comment section below)


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