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How much it is practicable to shoot Films With Hand Held Camera?

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How much it is practicable to shoot Films With Hand Held Camera?

Term Explanation: It is a camera Technique for shooting a video by holding the camera In Hand. Handheld camera movement is flexible to operate, also it indeed good human effort to get a good non-shaky frame.

In 1890’s Lumier Brothers shooted their movie through this mode, at that time the tripod filming concept was not at all found  L'Inferno  poster filmmakersfans.compopular as of now days.  Later in 1911, Italian film directors Francesco Bertolini, Adolfo Padovan, and Giuseppe De Liguoro shooted their film L’Inferno through this handheld camera technique. L’Inferno was the first full length Italian feature film and it took approximate three years to complete. L’Inferno film was a huge success and it acquired $ 10.5 million internationally,

Thereafter on 1914 Reginald Barker’s film –The Italian- was shooted by using this hand held camera technique. Hand held camera technique is now a commonly practising filming technique all over the world; Black Swan (2010), Shadows (1959) and Don’t Look Back k (1967) are some of the top films that are filmed by using this Hand held Technique.

Above all the examples shows that hand held video shooting is practicable. Lars von Trier’s 2013 released film “Dogville” is mostly filmed through this technique and it was a huge box-office success of that year also it nominated in Cannes Film Festival. Hand Held filming Output videos are comparatively shaky as compare to a tripod mounted or a crane mounted camera movement. However the fact is that you can’t learn the hand held camera techniques in one day; it takes time that depends on your learning and practice.


  • Flexible and easier to shoot films in all types of locations
  • Cost efficient when it compare with other shooting modes
  • It saves time, here no need to adjust or reset the tripod or other such camera holding equipments in each scene.


  • Really it required a proficient operator Otherwise, it won’t give better results
  • Hand held camera movements are not at all practicable in some shots such as racing scenes and character importance scenes


  • Mostly found applicable for News Reporting Videographers.
  • Effective in shooting the scenes where happened in hills and such risky places.
  • Usually this technique is most applicable in Low budget movies.

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