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Hand Held Cinematography: Four Acceptable Facts that Notices in This Technique

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Hand Held Cinematography: Four Acceptable Facts that Notices in This Technique

Movie making technology is continuously changing day to day; you might wonder when you heard about the story of the first camera “Photographic Gun”; also you might wonder when you heard about the latest invention Drown cameras: so that is the magic of movies. Its technology is altering day to day. Hand held cinematography is the most popular filming technique that used now days, but there are some common facts behind this technique. Here is what that you can read something about it.

  1. Budget

Budget of movies are enormously increasing day to day, this is happening because of story demand, star value and the technology that is used to film the movie. Hand held filming technique allows you to make movies in small budget, if you are using hand held filming technique then you can avoid the extra expenses of certain associated equipments such as tripod,  art department track, camera trolley and jib cranes. Neill Blomkamp’s 2009 released film – District 9 was an example of a film that filmed by using hand held camera technique. This film was a huge commercial success of that year and also it accredited the appreciation of film critics as well.

  1. Flexibility

As compare to a normal Filming technique, hand held is flexible to operate. Not at all a matter you are filming in a desert or a hilly place, all you needed for filming is just a camera and other camera holding equipments is not at all essential.  Darren Arronofsky’s film “Black Swan” was filmed through this method by using Super 16 mm cameras.

  1. Risky

If we talk about drawback of hand held camera technique, this is the one drawback that usually mentioned by everyone. Yes, without a professional you can’t achieve finer results. If your visuals are jerking, then who else can sit comfortably watch that movie in cinema halls? The Indian thriller Film Chaappa Kurish cinematographed by first time cameraman T. John is an instance. Chaappa Kurish was john’s first feature film and it was mostly filmed using hand held technique. Though it was a huge commercial success too; the cinematography seems a little improvement in many places

  1. Best For..

Mostly it is found best for track-in following shots; More clearly if you are filming a scene where a person is following another one here you can indirectly add the presence of a second person by following the first person with a hand held camera. Also, this is effective for over shoulder shots and typical fight scenes. Apart this the hand held technique is found most practicable for  journalists

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