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General Film Submission Rule of every film festivals : Sure, this helps you


General Film Submission Rule of every film festivals : Sure, this helps you

The terms and conditions for the film submission of almost all the film festivals are Identical. Since from the beginning time, we at have equipped potential collaboration with leading film festivals in India. Such an experience helped us for understanding this fact.

Through this article, we are explaining about General Film Submission Rule of every film festivals. We are expecting your comments at the end of this article.

The Rules

  1. Films are classified into two: i.e. as national and international. The native language speaking films are called as national films and the films other than speaking native languages are called as international films. The film submission charge of the international language film is 2X higher than the national film.
  2. All non-English speaking films must have English subtitles in according to the original soundtracks.
  3. The Films that have running time of 30 M or below are classified as short films and above 30 minutes are classified as large films or feature films.
  4. Except Oscars like Government organized film festivals, all the other film festivals are accepting film entries only through the third party applications like Withoutabox and Filmfreeway. In case you haven’t created one account, we suggested you to create one now. It’s Free!
  5. Do not send any ‘work-in-progress’ film’s raw files: In case your film cannot be complete before the deadline, then don’t send it
  6. If you want to submit your film in film festival, then don’t upload your film (especially short film) to any video sharing sites. All most all the film festivals not accept the films that are uploaded to any video sharing sites.
  7. Acquire a censor certificate for your film from a legitimate state/central central board commission
  8. Never write down any fake information in the info tab of film entry form.
  9. If you wish to submit your film in big film festivals like Sundance, Bushan etc, then your film must have won a first place in any film festival. In case such one didn’t happens, then don’t a try to submit: We are sure that they won’t accept your film,
  10. Verify these checklist things before sending film – The Film Trailer, DVD of the film, Official Poster. Work Stills, Film Censor certificate and Press Kit.

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External Link: Call for Entry- Link to the film submission  of Leading film festivals 

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