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Turning a Novel to Film Script: 5 Simple Things to be keep in Mind before this Transformation


Turning a Novel to Film Script: 5 Simple Things to be keep in Mind before this Transformation

Novel writing and film script writing are totally two distinct platforms, in primary one; the words speak about the story where as in secondary one; the visuals speak about the story. Here are some quick points that you must memorize while turning a novel to film script.


  1. Duration

Normally, novels are quite lengthier than film scripts. Usually, novel is having an approximate page count of 300 to 400 whereas a film script is hardly 120 to 150 pages. So this filtration is really a big task. Almost all the novels are somehow directly or indirectly considered as autobiographical work fictions. Novels are written in the first person point of View; the reason of writing in such a way is because the author gets more freedom and can explore the maximum utilities of that story. But realize that such type of first person story telling is only and only practicable in Novels not in film scripts.

  1. Insight

Is that story is suit for creating screenplay? Is the protagonist apt in visual media and who is best to do that role? Where the story is took place and what about the principal story-happening location? What about the approximate budget needed, if that story turns to film script? Is audience really expecting to see that story in a 70-mm Screen? What about the current marketing scope if it the story is filmed? – Questions like this are lot, Find It Yourself; that’s yours turn.

  1. Smart Thinking

Principally, the basic differences Between a Film Script and Novel, in novels words tell story whereas in scripts visual tell a story… You can’t mention every little sequence in film script, as the way it mentioned in the novel. There is the need of logical thinking, think about the difficulties to shoot a film. If you ever visit a film Set, probably you sawed the difficulties to shoot a film. The weirdest fact is that, sometimes Novel Authors won’t accept to edit their novels as the way the script writers wish. Believe It or Not, this is the core reason why the majority of such these transformed scripts failed to perform better in Box Office.

  1. Learn from the mistakes Of Others

Scrutinize the history! Here is one illustration

Battlefield Earth (2000) is a science fiction novel that was directed by Roger Christian, the movie was the book adaption of L. Ron Hubbard’s novel –“Battlefield Earth-A Saga of the Year 3000”.  Though the novel was a big success too, the film fails to achieve the box office count. Its box office collection is $29.7 million, where its total budget is $73 million.

All Time best Film Critic Robert Ebert Reviewed Battlefield Earth in such this wayBattlefield Earth is like taking a bus trip with someone who has needed a bath for a long time. It’s not merely bad; it’s unpleasant in a hostile way.

Remember! Getting a chance as a script writer is really a big and lucky deal, so don’t Spoil it

-Thanks For Reading-

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