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The Script BreakDown sheet is essential for Filmmakers: You Know, what it is?

Script breakdown sheet


The Script BreakDown sheet is essential for Filmmakers: You Know, what it is?

A Script Breakdown Sheet is exactly a production chart used in films for making a quick chart of scenes, bi-scenes, artist availability list, wardrobes and various other production notes. Apart movies, the script breakdown sheet also used in the Television Programmes and Stage plays.

Previously, the Filmmaker or any other one from production unit (who has a deep knowledge about the story of film) made the Script breakdown sheet manually. But now days, the screenwriting software like Final Draft and Movie Magic had integrated with Breakdown Sheet feature, which helps the filmmakers can save their time that required for the manual preparation.

In case the software is not affordable, you can create it in any word processing software. Here is the Guidance –how to format a Script Breakdown Sheet.

Things Include in Script Break down Sheet.

  1. Scene Number, Date, Time
  2. Clarification of INT/EXT and Day/Night
  3. Scene Description and Location
  4. Casting according to the call sheet
  5. Special Effects Description (If, Required any)
  6. Production Notes (Costumes, Makeup and Extra Notes)

The Procedure

At First breakdown (split) the script on the basis of scenes or Bi-scenes. Now, collect the details (Things Include in Script Breakdown Sheet) from your script for making the script breakdown sheet. Now, prepare the script breakdown sheet as shown in our sample format. That’s It!

(Reference: Download here, the Script break down format sample)

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