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How to choose a Perfect Title for Your Films? Four Selective Tips


How to choose a Perfect Title for Your Films? Four Selective Tips

This article will teach you the best ways to choose a perfect title for your films. Concerned to this topic, if you have any doubts, please ask us through the comment forum showed in the end of this post.

The ‘Titles’ are the main attraction of every movies, Isn’t it? YES, Of Course! Everyone worked in a movie is famed through its titles and that is the reason why particularly we say the titles should be memorable and unique.

Some filmmakers/scriptwriters create movie titles before writing the screenplays, and then write the script in a way that emphasizes the title of the movie. Usually, that phenomenon is found the movie titles that related to the name of the protagonist, name of the place etc.

Five Best Selective tips for making great movie titles


  1. Make sure that the title of the movie shouldn’t capable to guess someone the insider of your Movie. Say for an instance, we have chosen a movie title ‘Samson’s Love’ whoever heard this name, they all know that this movie is all about Samson’s love. So, there is no suspense in that Movie, Right?

2. Keep the Title as short as possible: This helps anyone for easily spell your movie title. The all-time-best filmmaker Hitchcock’s movies had short tiles including Notorious, Vertigo and Psycho. Now days, the promotion of movies are mainly through the social media site’s #hashtag technique. So, if your movie title is a lengthy one, it will be more difficult for others to put it in a #hashtag. But, we know there are many situations you can’t compose the title of your movie in one or two words, such a case we suggest you to use the abbreviated form. Sometimes back, in India, a Movie named ‘Messenger of God’ was released, the directors of the movie Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh and Jeetu Arora decided to use the abbreviated name ‘MSG‘ for promotion instead of the long name ‘Messenger of God.’ Experiment Yourself!

3. Copyright: Believe that, if someone knows you are producing a movie, they will scrutinize you, for a chance to fILM COPYRIGHT, the illusionist 2006-2010acquire money from you in the name of a copyright issue. Such instances are lot. ‘The Illusionist’ is one such controversial film that trapped in the name of movie title Infringement. Originally, the Illusionist was released by Yari Film Group on 2006, which was a huge commercial hit; also it received positive responses in leading film festivals like Sundance Film Festival and the Seattle International Film festival. After four years, the Sony motion pictures is set to release ‘The Illusionist’ but at that time Yari Film Group claims rights in the 2006 released film with the same title. For avoiding this issue on your movie, we suggest simply Google it, if any movie exists in the same name of your movie, you can find it on the very first page.

Search Format: “My Movie name- Movie”

“Psyco –Movie”

  1. Simple language: The possibilities of movies are lot, so for getting wide audience reach, we suggest to use a simple title. The veteran actor Mohanlal says –‘Thereare no language barriers in cinema’- that’s a fact; your viewer might be an Asian or an American or any anyone from any other region. Whoever, it may be, one thing always keep in mind that visuals of your film should be equally understandable for all viewers. As said previously, everyone (especially usual audience) at first notice the title of the movie.

An Experiment: While researching on this topic, we recognize that, movie names beginning with the word ‘The’ seems simpler or familiar to all kinds of audience. Few examples are – The Maltese Falcon, The Apartment, The Elephant Man, the Kings Speech, etc.

Opinions from Leaders:

The Filmmaker Chris Jones scribed in his blog- “You will NEVER be 100% happy with the title. It always feels like a bit of a compromise. And why shouldn’t it? You are reducing 100 pages of story to a single word of phrase.

Acclaimed Hollywood screenwriter Terry Rossio said  “A screenwriter should be prepared to spend as much time as it takes to get the one-to-five words of the title exactly right. If there ever was a time to not quit, to keep searching, to not be satisfied, to keep your standards high, it’s in choosing your film title. A good title could get your script moved up from the bottom of the stack of to-read scripts to the top — and change your life.”

Thanks for Reading. add a comment Below.

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  1. Mohhemmed Sohaib

    April 26, 2017 at 10:34 am

    Thanks for the very useful article !

  2. Taylor Bishop

    July 25, 2018 at 3:41 pm

    Thanks for these tips for selecting a good title for films. I like that you mentioned you should try to keep the title short as possible. This seems important for making sure the audience remembers it so that they can tell others about it without forgetting what it’s called.


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