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Six Screenplay Terms That Every Filmmaker/Script Writer Must Know


Six Screenplay Terms That Every Filmmaker/Script Writer Must Know

The Screenplays are structured in an internationally accepted format. You needed to conscious more about the structure of scriptwriting if you are writing the screenplays on the word-processing applications like Zoho Writer and Microsoft Office.  Instead of the word-processing applications, if you preferred to go with the scriptwriting applications, you will get wide array of customizable scriptwriting templates that makes your job easier. 

Below listing Gives you about the information of Six particular terms that are used only in screenplays


Fade-in: The Term ‘Fade-In’ is used in Film scripts on the beginning of a scene that used to denote an Image that is gradually appearing from a blank screen.

Fade Out- ‘Fade-out’ is just the opposite action of ‘Fade-In,’ here the Image diminish to a blank screen.

EXT: If an action that is happed in an exterior place, it is called as EXT or Exterior shot.

INT: If an action that is happened in an Interior place, it is called as INT or Interior Shot.

SC:  The notation ‘SC’ in script is meant as Scene Number.  (Eg : Sc 1, Sc 1A, Sc 2, Sc 2A)

Cut To- ‘Cut To’ Means cut to the Next scene. It may be used when there are any changes of scenes or the locations.







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