Amateur Filmmakers, Here are some acronyms used frequently in Storyboard.

In Filmmaking, how much the script is important to that much too important is the storyboard. The Storyboard is the miniature form of the long script. It helps the filmmaker as well as production guys to learn easily about the shots, locations, Artists and Camera angles. The Storyboard artists and filmmakers use many abbreviated terms in the storyboard to avoid the extra paper flow. Here are we list-down some frequently used abbreviations in the storyboard.

Note that this is not a comprehensive list, if you know more about the storyboard acronyms (than this listed acronyms) share that with us in the comment section below.

Related To Time

Day: Shooting in the day time.

Night: Shooting in the night time.

Related To Location

INT: Shooting In Indoor location.

EXT: Shooting at the exterior/outdoor location.

Related To Dialogue

TAL: If it is a dialogue (talky) scene.

SIL: If It is a Silent shot

Related To Lens Range and Shot

INS: Insert Shot

C/S: Close-Up shot

M C/S:  Medium Close up Shot

L/S: Long Shot

(We already wrote in Filmmakers Fans about the different types of shots in Filmmaking and different types of Lens in Filmmaking. Now, read it again if you didn’t read it yet).


 Amateur Filmmakers, Here are some acronyms used frequently in Storyboard. 

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