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How to review your own Script?


How to review your own Script?

How can you say that your story is prefect? Is someone deeply appreciated about your film story? Possibly that well-wisher might be your friend else someone from your family members. Every story has its own good and bad part.If you plan to submit your story to film critics, we warned you that Never! Ever! Practise like so.  It will impact you negatively, that’s sure.

Surely this you can expect “70% of comments you received from them are negative”,

Do you think this sort of hard review will beneficial to you? Hope “No” is your answer.  So, it’s best to review your own story at first before submitting it to a professional script analyst. Then, How can I review My own story?

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Seven ways to review your own story

  1. Compare your work with the same genres of stories/films. Don’t get confessed at all with this matter.

How can I compare?

While you watching the similar genre film, Just note down the good and bad points that you experienced in that work , and now count the total number of Good and bad points. Now follow this method of reviewing in your own work. Once it finishes compare it.  This way of analysing found fruitfully works for majority of the writers.

2. Think creatively and revise it again and again. Let’s illustrate it with an example. Guess you are portraying hero and heroine meeting scene, Think about three (at least) different ways to portray this scene and pick the best among it. However this method is not practicable for every scene.

3. Your Characters: one foremost thing should be remember that- never add characters unnecessarily, even If you are plotting just pass-by character too, he/she must need a meaningful reason to appear in front of camera. Always keep-in mind in this Principle While writing on. This will help you in many times. Ask some questions yourself; try to find a relevant answer for it. If you can answer better, which means you succeed. Here are some questions that you can ask to yourself.

A. Why I needed to add this character in this story?

B. What does this character meant for?

C. Elaborate its role in your film

D. How many repeated times this character arrives in-front of your camera? Explain statement of purpose in each situation

E. Is that character is distinct from others? If so how like the distinctiveness in dress code, slang, performance or in any other forms of body language.

4. Once it completed read loudly your story. This will let you know the errors and mistakes. Don’t read like dog barking mode. Read your story in proper punctuations way. Now you can easily realize the mistakes that you did. This process of reviewing found easier to understand in majority of the Writers.

5. Be social, consider suggestive opinions from friends. If the suggestions from them are found as practicable and it’s beneficial for your story, then accept it. Never consider the opinions from the persons who haven’t had a wide knowledge in Film stories.

-Thanks For Reading-

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