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A Episodic Narration Of A common Man Named Rajanikanth

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A Episodic Narration Of A common Man Named Rajanikanth


For many, “think Tamil, think Rajni”. Rajnikanth, the mega star of Kollywood, or perhaps in the entire Indian cinema, entered the industry to create a wave that none had created till date and has not created since him. He was destined to be born in Karnataka, but to live in the hearts of numerous film lovers in Tamil Nadu and all over the world. One ardent Rajni admirer even says, “Our childhood is awesome because of him”.

Most of the time, the movie doesnt matter and what matters is watching Rajani on the 70-MM screen. And none would stop with watching his movies just once, but twenty or thirty times each. There are umpteen numbers of reasons to why Rajni is a superstar. And if one is to describe them all, the list will go on and on. But here are the top ten reasons that every Rajani lover would say.

#1 Style icon

“Style mannan”. This is one among the several adjectives that has been linked with thename Rajnikanth. And anyone would shake their heads in agreement with this if he or she has seen at least a movie by him. It seems like that style is unique and from within him, and not acted. In the style quotient, no one can replace him. If you ask any person since Rajni‟s time, they would agree that they used to dress like him, try to copy his bouncy hairstyle and act like him in front of the mirror.

#2 Action

The patented actions that Rajni unveil in every movie are not reproducible by anyone else but him. They are tailor-made for him and for him alone. This one reason makes him stand out among the beaucoup superstars we have ever had ever since. His actions even had great influence on people‟s perspectives. He could make them believe that anything that they believe impossible. Lakhs try to imitate his actions, especially the evergreen ones like the salute in Padayappa.

3. Characters and Dialogues

Many directors who made films with confess that they created the character with Rajni in their mind. They believed that no one else could give the perfection to their characters as Rajni would do. Moreover, his movies were directed towards the common man who formed the major section of the society. Just like in „Basha‟ he is an auto driver and an industry worker in „Vulaipali‟, who later fights for the reason of his fellows. The same is with his dialogues. They were framed for him and no one would be able to deliver it as he would do. Neither would anyone forget his dialogues which are the most resounding and powerful ones Indian film history has ever had. And these dialogues achieve these qualities just because they were written for him and they were uttered by him. The masses burst into thunderous applause whenever he delivers such dialogues.

Dialogues like „Naan oru thadavu sonna, nooru thadavu sonna mathiri‟, „Andavan solran. Arunachalam seiran‟, „ Pera kettaale chumma adhirudhulla!‟, „Kashtapadaama edhuvum kidaikaadhu. Kashtapadaama kedachu ennikum nilaikaadhu‟. Many would agree that these dialogues made adrenaline gush in their veins.

#4 Rapport with the crew

Dalapathi Rajni is famous for the way he cooperates with his crew. He is the same person with each and everyone of the crew, no matter in which pole they stand in the hierarchy. Rajni is also a person with whom the directors or producers could easily discuss their ideas about the movie. Most of the scripts have Rajni’s contributions, like the the title “Basha‟.

#5 Characters that relate to common man”

Most of the characters that he played were the ones that common man could relate to. The conflicts portrayed in the movies were the ones that anyone would face in their lives. And Rajni was always the saviour of the common man, which was more than enough to raise a sense of optimism in the viewers.

#6 Titles”

Even the very titles of Rajni‟s movies spoke right to the viewers‟ hearts. His movies did not have any long English titles, but the names that would touch the viewers‟ conscience, and stays in their hearts forever. The titles “Padayappa”, “Basha‟, “Sivaji‟, “Muthu‟, “Baba‟ and “Thalapthi‟ and  “Billa‟ speak for themselves. All these titles are directly related with his character.

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#7 Humanitarian

On the screen, he has played several roles of a protector and a saviour. But off the screen also, he is a great inspiratory through words. He is also known for his timely wit.

#8 responsible

Rajni considers himself responsible for the success and failure of his movies. This was proved when he was ready to repay the losses incurred to the distributors during the failure of film Baba in 2002 and also Linga in 2014.

#9 A simple human being by heart

Rajni is hailed for being very down-to-earth and human in his heart. He is funding for several charity activities and himself leads as simple life. This reason, apart from the common-man characters he plays on the screen, makes him one among the masses.

#10 A long time in the industry

Since he stepped into the industry, he established an irreplaceable position and has been successfully continuing even after long three and a half decades. After physical torments he suffered during his middle age, he was actually forced to come back with “Billa” for the love that his fans poured upon him. Over this long period, he has influenced several generations and millions of people in India and abroad (even in Japan) and remains a superstar forever.

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