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These are the 7 best and most socially impactful movies of Bollywood


These are the 7 best and most socially impactful movies of Bollywood

Indians and Bollywood have a very special and experimental relationship. Indian people love drama, emotion and twists that gives them adventure and entertain them. Bollywood in last fifteen year has growing, exploring and experimenting their boundaries and creativity. Be it a child, a youngster or an old, everyone loves to watch movies. But movies are not merely for entertainment rather it is a very strong way to communicate messages through people in very effective and creative manner. Bollywood has started to adapt this new trend to make movies which are more to entertainment. Many directors have make attempts to initiate to contribute in social change in a creative way, Many movies had stroked this process of evolution and was highly appreciated by the people for their efforts.

So, here is the list of some unconventional and out of league movies which left a mark of gratitude in our hearts forever!

 1. 3 idiots

It is pleasurable to enlist this movie at top and get started with it because it is one among the favourite bollywood movie from all time. The way which the story plotted is much realistic from those similar-sensed bollywood movies and the movie 3-idiots hit the nail of the society raising the question which every student is juggling at the moment!

2. Tare Zameen Par

Everyone who had watched this movie must have cried along with Ishaan feeling what he is going through! Are parents really always do is right? Are marks are the only way to judge potential of a child? Every child need a teacher like Ram Shankar Nikumbh, who can take the child out of shell and make him learn to explore the colours of life!

3. Chak de India

Belief and potential can turn any table around. The adventurous journey of 11 girls from practise field to be the world champions of hockey! It motivates us, it fill us with believe! The last scene and SRK’s scene cheering up girl makes me even today to believe in myself that I can do it! A movie making us Indians remind that we have games apart from cricket and players who need our love, support and attention!

4. Swadesh- We the People

Our aim, dreams and passion take us faraway on journey of success but is it able to disconnect us from our land? This is the story of those thousand NRI’s who are far away from their land, this is the story of millions poor and helpless people suffering in India. The true story of India…! The story touches heart of every Indian and motivate them to do something for their country!

5. Oh my god

Brilliant script, Brilliant actors and Brilliant questions! In a country like India, this is a very powerful and creative movie!  The movie is bold and brave attempt to draw our attention to reality and realise the true form of lord rather than keep following our blind faith!

6. English vinglish

A journey of a simple house wife to a bold confident lady! It is right said women are capable of anything and everything! In India we take English as a status taboo and this movies is exactly the best thing to cut those people in their size.

7. A Wednesday

Something off league and adventurous! Brilliant acting by Anupam kher, Naseeruddin shah and Jimmy Shergill. A must watch movie showing true colours of the tyrants!

So, here you go! This is the best social impactful movie according to us…feel free to add your favourite movies apart from them which you think should be enlisted here. Do comments and share your opinion and stay tune for more funny and entertaining articles!

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